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It is vital for every motivated individual, like myself, to have a strategy for how they intendtheir career to go. The following is my career plan and what I deem will take me to my conclusive goal of owning my own social media marketing agency. Step 1; Completing my Degree The foremost step in my journey to achieving this goal is graduating university with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing. Over the three years I aim to advance my understanding of various businesses marketing activities. This incorporates learning how todevelop diverse types of businesses, giving me transferable marketing knowledge that I canconvey in that field of work. During my second year, I will be selecting digital marketing, so I have the means to learn social media marketing comprehensively, which I intend my business to involve also. By the completion of this course, I aim to possess thorough knowledge about marketing and particularly social media marketing, leading me to carrythat understanding throughout my career. I intend to have this accomplished by July 2021. Step 2; Working for an established marketing agency By December 2021, I aspire to be in work for an established marketing agency in a growing economic market. Birmingham has one of the largest growing business and economic markets, with developments such as 969,000 square foot of office space under construction in 2016 and the new HS2 railway, the city will become a major attraction to new and existing businesses. Therefore, this will be the elect city for me to work in, with more than50 marketing and advertising consultancies and a growing market for new businesses. Thiswill aid my growth through enabling my skills to improve and working with numerous clients. I intend to be working here until 2027, ascending through the various positions,increasing my wage as a result. An escalation in my income will mean I have further capitalto save up towards my own social media marketing agency. Step 3; Working another part-time job Beside my daytime occupation, I intend to be continuing to work part-time to help alleviateany financial stresses concerning my business aspirations. This job will not need to beassociated with my degree or any of my ambitions. It will be there solely to be of assistance financially rather than facilitating me with my development as a marketer. I inspect to beworking this job simultaneously throughout my time at university and up until July 2027,when I plan to open my own social media marketing consultancy. Step 4; Opening my own marketing agency Once I possess enough capital I anticipate to be opening my own social media marketingconsultancy in the city of Birmingham. The reason why I have opted for this location is that after six years of employment in the city, within my field, I will have sufficient comprehension of my surroundings. I will recognise my competitors, the businesses in the city and where best to position my business to get the highest number of clients. I aim to be opening this by October 2027. Step 5; Expanding across Midlands After three years within the industry, I believe I will be ready to then expand this business further across the Midlands. The reason why I will be expanding it across this region isthat I will operate as a sole trader and therefore this will enable me to keep track of mybusinesses more effectively as I will be easily within reach of all my firms. This may not bethe case if I was to expand elsewhere and the expansion may not go to plan. Teamwork SkillsThroughout each of these careers stages, I will be required to work as part of a team,whether it is whilst being employed or operating my own firm. This will make teamwork skills essential throughout. One teamwork skill I possess is that I am a co-ordinator, I am able to take control of a team and compromise roles to accurately and effectively place them so every individual is doing something which they feel comfortable doing and can complete to the best of their ability. I believe this also aids me in being an implementer as I have often been given the task ofcoming up with a strategy, as to how certain group tasks will be carried out. I also makesure that we stick to that strategy and carry it out as efficiently as possible. I am verypractical and like to be at the forefront of things and often find ways to turn people’s ideasinto actions and implement them into the task. However, a weakness that I do possess, asBelbin suggests is that I can be slow to respond to new possibilities as I don’t want to divertaway from our original plan to prevent anything going wrong. Another skill that I possess and feel I can use effectively is what is known as ‘plant’ according to Belbin. I feel this is a skillset which I possess because of my drama backgroundleading to a more creative mind-set and allowing me to solve problems in more than oneway. However, I also agree with Belbin and feel that I do need to improve mycommunication skills as I can become too preoccupied with what I am doing and not take on board ideas my team are also pitching.Consequently, I believe that the skills required by a teamworker are something that I do nothave and need to improve. I can tend to not be co-operative and push my ideas onlyinstead of taking on board what others are saying. Often, this can tend to cause frictionbetween the team also This will need to be improved before entering the world of work aswell as throughout my time at university to effectively work with my colleagues to gettasks completed.Employability skills I believe I possess many of the personal and employability skills that employers seekaccording to the online website ‘the balance’. Firstly, my background in studying business atA Level has helped develop my analytical skills as I was often analysing different businessesboth for my coursework and exam. I can figure out what needs to be done and how in orderto solve a problem.As I mentioned previously, Drama has helped develop some of these skills in life. One of them iscommunication, a key employability skill needed in the workplace. I am confident and cancommunicate with customers and colleagues appropriately. I can adapt myself to suit theneeds of each person I am talking to and can do this across all communication platformssuch as online, telephone and in person.Furthermore, over two years of working in retail, I have developed interpersonal skills whichcan be transferred across jobs. I can interact and engage with many different types ofindividuals and adapt myself to suit them. Basic interpersonal skills such as being respectfulare something which I have developed immensely overtime through sports as well, havingto respect other competitors and coaches, who in the workplace would replicate managersand colleagues. In addition, employers want a positive attitude throughout all types of situations. They want employees who are dedicated and can contribute extra when needed. I havedeveloped these skill sets through boxing. Arguably the toughest sport both whencompeting and training means that a positive attitude is needed every day and this canthen be transferred into the workplace when tackling tough and challenging situations. Work ethicsThe workplace is all about making decisions and whether you do them ethically. I always make certain to be fair and open-minded when making any decisions, taking on boardeveryone’s ideas and that when I do decide I am staying within the law. Before I decide, I always find myself asking how this will be affecting those around me. I aim to act morally, do right by organisation regardless of the consequences and try to give alternatives to myself and my team when an action seems to be unethical. 

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