It pests. Sustainable agriculture lowers the non-renewable environmental

It is important to understand agriculture that we use in our
everyday lives. Some examples are growing crops, also a food provider, etc. Agriculture
is defined as the production of crops, farming, and raising livestock
(Agriculture, 2017). Sustainable is to be able to be maintained at a certain
rate or level (Gold, 2007). Sustainable agriculture helps produce food, grow
plants, and is beneficial for animals using farming procedures that protect the
environment for civilization (Gold, 2007).

agriculture has many methods of farming which helps out farmers, their
families, the environment, and farm animals tremendously (Kapoor, 2016). It
helps to prevent pollution in our environmental surroundings. The waste is
carried by sustainable farming therefore there are produced remains in the
farm’s ecosystem (Kapoor, 2016). Also, brings down the cost of purchasing
fossil fuel and the use of transportation. Sustainable agriculture is even
helpful for animals as well. The animals are useful for their grazing, pecking,
or rooting (Kapoor, 2016). Animals are helping the farm to grow the natural
way. Farmers working at a sustainable farm are treated with a safe-work
environment, food, and great living conditions (Kapoor, 2016). In addition,
farmers receive a fair salary for all their effort they put in working in the
farm. Important to realize that the purpose of sustainable agriculture is to
have richer soil, avoid body diseases, and outbreak of pests. Sustainable
agriculture lowers the non-renewable environmental sources. There are many
benefits to having a sustainable agriculture. In that case, as a civilization
is to continue to take care of our environment therefore we can receive the
best crops and plants for us.

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    However, there are
issues that come along to maintain sustainable agriculture. Agriculture is
situated in farmlands where they are surrounded by many environmental issues
(Baysal, 2014). It is challenging to maintain a sustainable agriculture because
of being touched by many species such as insects and pests. Insects cause many
disease organisms known as pathogens. These are one of the major problems in
the sustainable agriculture (Baysal, 2014). There are health concerns because
of over using pesticide and constant climate changes. Having a sustainable
agriculture is to have access to plenty of nutritious and safe foods from the
environment for the growing population (Baysal,2014). The approach to a better
sustainable agriculture is to use less water, fertilizers, and pesticides. If
there are many pesticides then it leaves remains on fruits, vegetables, and
grains. Crops are destroyed as well from pests and pathogens in environments
that have constant climate changes.

      Then there is
monthly soil erosion that causes issues for sustainable agriculture. Soil
erosion causes a severe problem for the environment. As a matter of fact, soil
erosion contributes to negative impacts such as flooding and pollution (Ai et
al., 2013). Therefore, the erosion destroys the growth of crops and other
products. According to research, between June to August has very high-risk of
soil erosion and covers more than 80% of the crops area (Fang, 2012).  There are solutions to avoid soil erosion such
as looking into details of where it occurs the most. However, according to the
research data it is a long process and expensive to do on a daily-basis. The
erosion- hazard assessments are easy to assess but they are very expensive and
it is hard to find where it is at a low-cost.  

     Chemistry affects
sustainable agriculture in many ways. According to research in the late 19th
century, biotechnology had breakthroughs with food, agriculture, and medicine
(Lee & Choi, 2017). It is used for better quality DNA procedures. Some
examples are in vitro fertilization, embryo transfer, artificial insemination,
etc (Lee & Choi, 2017). There is also a fertilizer called chemical nitrogen
that helps sustainability in rice farming (Mali & Panchal, 2011).

Sustainable agriculture has helped Biotechnology within the chemistry side and
not only for healthy crops and makings of wool. Also, a fertilizer helps with
rice farming to be maintained in the farmlands.

     In addition,
there are constant climate changes in the environment that can hurt the process
of growing crops in agriculture. Climate change clearly shows future risks of
American agriculture. According to the (“FCIC”) the Federal Crop Insurance
corporation through the Risk Management Agency (“RMA”) for the Agriculture department,
farmers are saved against the   risk that
can happen such as droughts (Marzen & Ballard, 2016). Farmers are getting
paid fairly well to watch and take care of carefully over crops in our

    Sustainable agriculture is
essential to have for the people since that we need to have crops for food and
in need of wool for clothing. It needs to have constant attention by not
overusing pesticides, avoiding constant soil erosion, and not to be eaten by
insects as well pests. It is important to have the agriculture because
fruit and vegetable consumption has been associated with lower risk of cancer, diabetes,
and hypertension. This doesn’t happen with processed foods that can be found
everywhere in the market for a very cheap price. The health benefits of fruits
and vegetables have been attributed the antioxidants it provides (Oliveira et al., 2013).

     Humans’ life necessity is to have sustainable
agriculture. As a civilization, we use it for our every day lives just as I
mentioned in the beginning of my paper. It is used to have to grow fruit,
vegetables, for clothing, for animals, and other products. According to the
U.S. Department of Agriculture 89% of the money in 201l was spent to
manufacturing, packaging, transporting, and marketing processed food products (Guilbault, 2014).

There was only a little amount of money left to spend on the production of
growing real food with minimal chemicals. Process food is something that can be
eaten but it is not the only thing that humanity can eat from to remain healthy
and have good organs in their body. Most people won’t live long healthy lives
from processed foods. Humanity needs the nutrients that come from farm crops. I
think having a sustainable agriculture is very important to have in our earth
environment but people desperately need it in order to stay alive. The meals I
eat at home consist of a lot of fruits and vegetables. My family and I try to
eat healthy as possible to avoid any life long internal body issues such as diabetes,
cholesterol, heart attacks, etc. Not only that but we also recycle our plastic
bottles, boxes, papers, and glass bottles to be reused in our environment. There
no purchases of plastic bags for our trash, we reuse our grocery bags and use
it as trash bags. Anything to help our environment. We have plants as well that
grows lemons for our salads that we eat in the day. They are fresh lemons and
have better delicious sour taste to it than what I grab in the market. Agriculture
is food and humanity needs food to survive. Agriculture is an essential to
satisfy our hunger and thirst.  

      People are alive
on this planet because of sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture
consists of food and water which obviously people need. Society needs to take
care more of the environment because it needs a tremendous amount of proper
care. They need to take sustainable agriculture more seriously in order to
continue the best process of growing crops. People need to recycle, inform
themselves more on how to help sustainable agriculture, and not letting the
money go more to processed foods but rather to the real healthy farm foods. Society
need to be aware that having a sustainable agriculture is the best way to have
the right foods for the body. Despite the problems that can happen during
agriculture in the farmlands such as erosion and be eaten by insects as well
pests, it is best to continue to find ways to make a better sustainable

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