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It has been a classic debate for many years: Which is a better pet, a dog or a cat? Let me ask you something. If a burglar entered your home, what would a cat do? It would probably not do anything to deter the unwelcome guest. But, if someone broke into your house a dog would probably start barking to get your attention and might even attack the intruder. A dog’s instincts could save you and your family from harm and loss of possessions. I believe that dogs are better pets than cats because they are wonderful companions, useful when taught tricks, and can help their owners have a healthier lifestyle.
One of the most attractive qualities in a dog is the companionship it gives to whoever cares for it. Dogs are not called “man’s best friend” for no reason. You can talk to them about anything, just like a close friend. I benefit much from the times when I can talk myself through a problem to such a patient and attentive listener as my dog. It is the argument of many that dogs show more affection than cats. At the time my family had a small Yorkshire terrier that would sleep on my bed with me. Usually she would sleep at the foot of the bed, but on the nights that I would cry she would come and snuggle with me. It always made me feel better to have the little five-pounder do her best to comfort me. ~~COLLERBONE~~
Dogs also have the ability to learn useful tasks and tricks which is another reason I think they serve as better pets than cats. Many people have taught their dogs the basic commands of sit, come, or lay down; but dogs are very smart animals and can be taught more serviceable tricks, such as cleaning up their own toys, retrieving items for you, or guarding your home. The police have trained their dogs to do what they themselves cannot do easily, such as follow the scent of a missing person, detect explosives, or sniff out even the traces of illegal drugs. Also, people with some disabilities have found dogs helpful. A person who is blind can safely go for walks and do errands because of a specially trained dog that will stand by their side to guide them. Farmers have also utilized the help of dogs to herd cattle and sheep, saving the farm owner lots of time and effort.
The last reason I think dogs are better pets than cats is they help their owners have a healthier lifestyle. Dogs love walks. Though many people look at this fact as a reason for not getting a dog, I think it is a great reason to own one. Usually dogs will beg to go outdoors, and this helps persuade the owner to take their dog for a jog around the neighborhood or a walk through a nearby park. As their owner runs or walks alongside their dog they themselves are exercising and strengthening their muscles, helping their body stay strong and fit. As you can see, the dog’s desire for the outdoors influences its owner to do more physical activity and thus have a healthier lifestyle. Another thing dogs like to do is play. Playing with your dog is a great activity that requires you to get up and use energy. When you play fetch with your dog you are throwing objects. When you play tug of war you are pulling on a rope. When you play tag with your dog you are running. All of these are giving you exercise and fresh air.
In conclusion, dogs offer companionship, can be trained to be helpful, and can aid the owner’s fitness. All of these reasons prove that a dog can be a much better pet than a cat. Unless you are allergic to these furry animals, I believe you should own one at least once in your life. Sadly there are many dogs that live in abuse, but you have the power to adopt some of them and change their lives. So why not rescue a dog? If we do what we can to help them, then they will do what they can to help us.

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