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It has been well recognized that domestic violence is a common cause of serious health issues amongst women victims. The main purpose of carrying out this study is to ascertain the manner in which violence can be linked to adverse psychological and physical health outcomes, as well as how the role of public organisations can be supportive in predicting violence in women who are the victims of the abuse. This study offers a methodical approach to conducting the negative factors associated towards violence and women’s psychological and physical health. This is that literature is gathered through written works and measured studies off others, and involves analysing the literature from articles, journals and books. American studies were used in this research and is relevant to shed light on the topic of what health factors women go through with domestic violence. Specifically, themes were identified from the different studies to examine exactly the potential health factors. Identifying themes furthermore involved understanding which studies have ideas that contribute the most to those themes. Moving forward, it is ultimately suggested that domestic violence amongst women is a public health issue, which is leading on to increasingly becoming more of a psychological and physical health phenomenon. From accumulating all the literature, it therefore comes to conclude that domestic violence amongst women victims is in fact a produced health phenomenon. Therefore, there is an increased need for developing services for women victims. Public organisations can take considerable favour in responding effectually towards devising strategies like screening, which could improve domestic violence and health outcomes in women victims. Although, arguably it could be put into debate that a lot more needs to be thought into an organisation to positively support the women.

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