It established in perfect knowledge about spiritual

It is better to survive on this planet (earth) by prayerful, without killing our great and high-minded superiors; otherwise slaying our superiors the prosperity and pleasant materials. We are bound to enjoy will be polluted with blood.
Even after obtaining prosperous and supreme kingdom on this earth and superiority of these demigods; I don’t see that which can disperse this sorrow of mine exhausting my senses. No one can live in this world permanently, or you, or me, or all these kings, and without any doubt never shall we end to stay alive in the future. Everything is temporary in this world. In the imaginary, there is no interval and in the real, there is no end; certainly, the ending of connecting both the two has been analyzed by knowers of the reality. Anyone who thinks that the soul is the slayer and the soul is slain both of them is in lack of knowledge; the soul never slays and nor slain. The soul is birthless, everlasting, immortal and eternal and never destroyed when the body is destroyed. Weapons cannot damage the soul, fire cannot burn the soul, water cannot wet the soul, and air cannot dry out the soul. This whole information was about inner divine intelligence/aptitude. On who is free from attachment in every aspect of life such as respect, neither rejoices nor curses, undisturbed, without desires for happiness, without fear and anger obtaining correspondingly good or evil; is he established in perfect knowledge about spiritual intelligence and that sage is known as steadfast in consciousness. Therefore be diligent in the science of uniting the individual consciousness with ultimate consciousness is the superlative genius.

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