It Flight Mechanics, Aerodynamic Design of Aircraft and

It gives me immense pleasure to write the letter of recommendation for
Karthick Duraisamy.  I have known him for
two years now. He is one of my students in the Aerospace undergraduate
engineering batch at our college. I taught him Flight Mechanics, Aerodynamic
Design of Aircraft and Hypersonic flow theory. I have had numerous
opportunities to observe his level of involvement closely.  He has demonstrated enthusiasm towards Aerospace
engineering wholly. I find him to be an intuitive learner, which is clearly
indicated in his academic performance thus far. Exceptional performance in Flight
mechanics and Aerodynamic design of Aircraft, has reinforced my confidence in
his potential to excel in this field.

Among the most prominent qualities, Karthick’s inquisitive nature stands
out. He expresses immediate un-satisfaction on receiving any sort of
superficial explanation. For instance, he displayed particular interest in
Hypersonic Aerodynamics  and Wing tip
vortices. He would often visit me for clarifying his doubts and present logical

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Moreover, his ability to respond to any criticism in a constructive
manner is worth a mention. I remember that during fifth semester, he would get
overwhelmed for a failed attempt in laboratory work or score lower than his
expectation. After I started pointing out his errors and he showcased
tremendous improvement. Currently, he is an asset for any research group. 

I have seen him brilliantly manage all his responsibilities and give
no room to excuses. He observed silently but whenever needed raised his voice
to clear his doubts on the subject matter.

During the theoretical classes, he has shown a particular interest
in the subject. He never hesitated from sharing his doubts and was always
willing to learn more. He always took his best effort to understand the
concepts of minute parts of Aerospace Engineering.

He is a silent yet keen observer. He was always inquisitive and made
efforts to contribute to his fellow students by helping them and learning with

In short, Mr. Karthick, as an
outstanding student, has showed great potentialities in academic learning.I
strongly recommend him and will appreciate your assistance to his application.
Should you need any further information about this promising young man, please
feel free to contact me.

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