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Last updated: May 29, 2019

It was evening at Beacon Academy.

Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna were sitting in the team room. Ruby was sitting on her bed, reading a book.”What are you doing, Ruby Rose?” Weiss Schnee asked.”I’m reading this book. It’s an old, medieval book.

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I heard some rumors about this book. Somebody said that the spells can really come true..” Ruby Rose said.”Yeah, right..” Weiss said sarcastically.”It sounds pretty cool to me.

” Yang said.”Shall I pick a random spell, and see what it does?” Ruby asked.”I don’t mind. Go ahead, Ruby.

” Yang said.”I don’t think it will do anything.” Weiss said. Ruby picked a random page, and she looked at the name of the spell, without reading the description. The spell’s name was ‘Niosuf’.”NIOSUF!” Ruby shouted, and then, a dazzling flash occurred…

The next day..Ruby woke up, and the first thing she noticed, was a cold breath in her face.

Ruby turned her head to her left, and to her surprise, she saw Weiss Schnee lying next to her.”Oh hi, Weiss! What are you doing in my bed?” Ruby asked. Weiss woke up.”Huh, what?” Weiss shouted, and she tried to get out of Ruby’s bed.

But when Weiss pushed herself to the left, Ruby got pushed to the left, too.”Hey, hey, not so rough, Weiss! Don’t push me with you.” Ruby said.”I didn’t.

I only pushed myself out of the bed..” Weiss said, and she tried to stand up. At least, she tried to, because standing up was too heavy for her. It felt like there was a weight attached to her, that kept her on the ground.

Ruby tried to stand up too, and she had the same problem. Then, Ruby and Weiss decided to stand up at the exact same time, which worked. Ruby and Weiss stood up, and Weiss tried to walk forward. However, Weiss’ right leg wasn’t working.

.”Hey, my left leg isn’t working..” Ruby said.”My RIGHT leg isn’t working.

” Weiss said. Then, Yang woke up, and stood up. She looked at Ruby and Weiss. Blake woke up, too.”R-RUBY? W-WEISS?” Yang shouted. Yang pointed at them.

“What?” Ruby and Weiss asked Yang, and they both turned around. Yang had a slightly scared look on her face. Then, Yang went outside.

One minute later, she came back with a mirror. She placed the mirror in front of Ruby and Weiss. Then, Ruby saw something which was beyond horrifying. She saw a human with two heads.

However, one of the heads was Ruby’s. Then, Ruby and Weiss realized it: They got FUSED together in ONE body, with two arms and two legs.”AAAAAAAH! HOW WILL WE GO TO CLASSES THIS WAY?!” Ruby screamed.

“Shut up, Ruby! My ears are getting impaled by your stupid screams!” Weiss said annoyed.”Why don’t you and Ruby just team up for the day?” Blake said calmly.”I cannot team up with her!” Weiss shouted.”You and Ruby are in the same team.

.” Blake said.”Yes! But being in the same body is a bit too different!” Weiss said annoyed.”Oh hey, classes are starting in five minutes!” Ruby said, and opened the door with her right arm, and tried to step outside. However, she couldn’t, because Weiss refused to let Ruby leave.

“I cannot show myself this way!” Weiss said.”So you want to be late in classes?” Ruby asked.”Ugh.” Weiss grunted, and Weiss reluctantly used her left leg while Ruby used her right leg to leave the team room.During history class..

When Weiss and Ruby eventually arrived in the history class, all they got from the other students, were a lot of stares. Professor Oobleck tried to stop the students from staring at Ruby and Weiss, but it didn’t really work. The students continued staring at Ruby and Weiss.”Who is that new student?” Jaune whispered to Pyrrha.”Jaune.

. that’s Ruby and Weiss.” Pyrrha whispered.”Impossible! Neither Ruby nor Weiss has two heads.” Jaune said.

“I think her name is Ru-Schnee.” Nora whispered, and she giggled.In the dining hall..”Quit smacking your food, Ruby!” Weiss said annoyed, while Ruby was eating her cookies.

Team RWBY was sitting at a table with Team JNPR.”So.. I guess your name is ‘Ru-Schnee'” Jaune said.”That’s not my name! It’s me, Weiss! Me and Ruby got fused together.

” Weiss said.”She’s lying!” Nora whispered in Jaune and Lie Ren’s ears.”I’m getting a bit too confused here..” Jaune said.”How did this happen?” Yang asked.

“It all started when Ruby put a spell on herself and me.” Weiss said.”Shall I try to break the spell with my magnetic powers?” Pyrrha asked.”Do it fast.” Weiss said. Pyrrha stood up, and she looked at Weiss and Ruby’s fused body. Then, Pyrrha tried to separate them from each other.

It didn’t work at all; they really were fused into ONE body.”I’m sorry. I can’t do anything.” Pyrrha said.”Maybe Ozpin and Glynda can help us.” Ruby said.

In Ozpin’s office..Ruby and Weiss entered the office.

Ozpin looked up.”So, how did this all start?” Ozpin asked calmly.”It all started.. when Ruby put a spell on me and herself.

” Weiss said.”I think I can handle this. Close your eyes.” Glynda said. Weiss and Ruby closed their eyes, and fell asleep.The next day, in the Team Room.

.Ruby and Weiss woke up, and Weiss immediately pushed herself out of her bed. Weiss stood up, and she looked at herself. She was completely separated from Ruby.

Ruby stood up, and she noticed that she was completely separated from Weiss.”Yes.. It worked! I should bring the medieval book back to the library.” Ruby said, and she looked around. However, she didn’t see her magical book. Ruby looked everywhere in the room, but she couldn’t find it.

“Ruby?” Weiss asked.”I can’t find the medieval book.” Ruby said.”I saw Nora Valkyrie with a medieval book yesterday.. she said something about ‘breaking into Team RWBY’s room’.” Weiss said. Ruby didn’t hesitate, left the team room, and ran towards the room of Team JNPR.

Ruby knocked on the door.”Jaune?” Ruby asked. Nobody opened the door. Ruby noticed that the door was unlocked, and she opened the door. Ruby looked inside the room, and she saw something which was scarier and more terrifying than anything she had ever seen: She saw a grotesque ghoul with eight arms and eight legs.

The ghoul had four heads..


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