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It takes a lot of courage to think about studying in a new country only an explorer’s mind can think about it. But it is a great opportunity for a person like me. Now, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to write a few words about who I am and what I intend to be. Well, I am a person who sets goals and works hard to achieve them. I have always wanted to study in an internationally recognized platform. Where, I can interact with people from different cultures. Besides, I am an extrovert person. I love exploring new environment and learning new things. A challenging environment excites me and I get inspired to work hard. I believe that an overseas university will certainly give me the environment which will be ideal for my further studies.

When I decided to study abroad, there were many countries to choose from as they offer a great range of courses and subjects. Besides, those countries have a well renowned education system. They all have great facilities for international students. But among all the countries, I choose Canada for my Higher education. I want to mention the reasons that attracted me to study in Canada. First of all, the environment of the universities is very student friendly and the campuses are beautiful and unique. In addition, Canada is quite popular for its multicultural atmosphere where everyone is accepted equally. The Canadians are very welcoming and they respect every nation and their culture. Moreover, Canadian universities keep up high standard of academic excellence and thus, they have got recognition as the top ranking international universities. In spite of, maintaining such high quality Canadian universities has lower tuition fees among some of the English speaking countries. Moreover, overseas students get many other facilities, such as, Canada offers a wide range of job opportunities for the university students. International students in Canada can work on campus without a work permit. These kinds of work opportunities will certainly help me in my further life as I will get many new experiences. Last but not the least; Canada is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. The county is politically stable and occurrences of natural calamities are relatively low here. So, it is a very safe place to live. However, My country of citizen also provides the course I want to join but as I have already mentioned that I always wanted to study in an internationally recognised platform which will provide me a multicultural environment. In addition, the tuition fees of Bachelors of Business Administration is higher in my country compared to the quality of education. They provide less facilities for the students compared to the international universities. Consequently, I chose Canada to pursue my further studies.

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I have completed my secondary and higher secondary education with a good score in 2015 and 2017 respectively. The background of my education was business studies. I have done IELTS and I got 6.5 in the test. Now I wish to get admitted into Bachelors of Business Administration program. I have always wanted to study this program as this course contains general business courses and advance business courses for specific interest which will certainly help me to enhance my skills and qualities. This course will help me to specialize in some specific areas of business and also it will help me stand with the competitive world outside. This course also has great opportunities in work fields.

After I decided to study in Canada I started researching about potential universities I can get admitted to. I wanted to take admission in a university which can provide me the best environment for Bachelors of Business Administration. My research ended at Memorial University of Newfoundland. I applied for BBA program there and I am very delighted to say that I got selected by them.

Memorial University of Newfoundland got priority because of the various facilities and features it provides. This university is a very well renowned and reputed university. They maintain high quality for their education system. Besides, they have many international students combined with native students. Consequently, I will get the opportunity to interact with people from different culture, religion and race. I believe that as I want to study BBA I must know to communicate with different mind sets. Moreover, I have researched about the faculty members as well. They are very friendly and helpful. They encourage their students to experiment and discover their inner qualities.

Every person must have a plan to accomplish their goals and be successful. I also want to be successful in life so I have plans to accomplish my goals. Many students choose to live in abroad. However, after my graduation I want to come back to my mother land Bangladesh. Because, My family members, friends and all my relatives live in here. I was born in this country and I grew up here. so, I have strong ties with this country. Moreover, I’m the oldest child of my parents so I have to look after not only my parents but also my younger siblings. My father owns a business here and he has some fixed assets and properties which I have to take care of. So, I will come back to my here and take over the responsibilities I’m leaving behind. In addition, Bangladesh is a developing country. I want to be an asset of my country and wish to contribute to its development. After I come back here I wish to join a multinational company. So, for this reason I will need knowledge and experience. By studying in Canada I will get the opportunity to get knowledge and experience from an internationally recognized platform. Besides, an international study background will increase my demand among the other candidates and I will get a good job. After working for 5-6 years I will start my own business. Starting my own business is my ultimate goal.

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