It,s threat. SARS is caused by coronavirus. A

It,s 2003 in Singapore, Asia. Thousands of people forced to be on house arrest and watched by the government. Cameras and electronic bracelets placed in every single home. Failure to cooperate would be punishable by prison. But what could these people have possibly done to be treated like this? Many just simply coughing or sneezing. Well a new questionable respiratory disease called SARS was about to break loose.

Severe acute respiratory syndrome or more commonly known as SARS was fastly brought up in the years of 2002-2004 and a little in 2012. In 2002 the first human SARS report was in Foshan, China. And from there the uprising began. From that day there was reported about 8,100 cases with around 800 deaths just in 2003. SARS originated from Shunde, China in a snake a bird, then 8 months later progressed to humans. Michael Lai believes it’s no surprise that humans contracted this from animals, due to all the social customs of wild game hunts people do in southern China.

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From the up rise of SARS in 2002 action has been taken. In 2003 the infectious respiratory disease took control. With nearly 8,000 cases and 800 deaths something needed to be done. Liu Jianlun was considered patient zero. Liu contracted symptoms on a visit from Huang Xingchu to Hong Kong. He not only affected people in his family but guest at the hotel he was staying at. Not only did he die but so did one of his family members. After this incident on February 15, 2003 the World Health Organization (WHO) called a travel advisory. Making this a global threat.

SARS is caused by coronavirus. A single strand of RNA, belonging to the subfamily of coronavirus. In this group there are 7 know human viruses all causing

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