I’ve believe I achieved that goal. However,

I’ve enjoyed this class and I have learned a lot about public speaking. I’m an outgoing person and I can strike up a conversation with anyone. However, when it comes to speaking in front of people, I get nervous and tend to talk fast. This class has helped me get over my fear of speaking in front of people, as well as teaching me how to engage with my audience. I think that I did better on this speech then I did on my first one, however, I still need to make improvements.
With that being said, one of my strengths would be that I made good eye contact. I tried to look at everyone in the room and for the most part, I believe I achieved that goal. However, in my first speech, I did not make eye contact or engage with my audience. Therefore, I felt like I was more prepared for this speech. For example, I rehearsed my speech in front of my family and friend, and this helped me overcome my fear of speaking in front of people. I was confident with the material that I presented, and I felt like I connected with my audience.
Another one of my strengths would be that I engaged with the audience. After I presented my speech, I asked the audience if they would like to share any ideas or thoughts regarding pet adoptions. However, they declined. After my presentation, I received positive feedback from multiple people. One of the audience members didn’t know what puppy mills were and she said that I did a really good job explaining it.
Last but not least, another one of my strengths would be that I choose a good topic for my persuasive speech. I put forth a lot of time and effort into researching my topic. I was passionate about my topic and I incorporated some of my personal thoughts and ideas regarding pet adoptions. Overall, I used factual and up-to-date sources to back up the information that I was presenting. I felt like my speech was clear and easy to follow, and I was able to get my point across.
One of my disadvantages would be the presentation of my speech. Specifically, I would like to be more comfortable with my speech and not rely on my notes. In the future, I plan to avoid using my notes, and I would like to incorporate a power-point presentation or visual aid that I can follow when presenting my speech. By using a power-point presentation or visual aid I will not be distracted, and I can engage more with my audience.
Another disadvantage would be that I was moving around a lot during my speech. I was moving side to side because I was nervous. In the future, I need to try and control my movements as well as my hand gestures when I am presenting my speech in front of an audience. For instance, if I practice my speech standing up instead of sitting down then that might help me with controlling my movements.
Finally, I felt like I delivered my speech too quickly. I need to slow down when I’m talking, so the audience can understand what I’m saying and be able to comprehend it. I need to learn to pause for emphasis. I think that by doing this the audience will be able to understand what I’m saying, as well as relate to the information.
To improve my speeches in the future, I plan on practicing more in front of people as well as joining Toastmasters. By doing this, it will help me overcome my fear of speaking in front of people as well as help me become confident when I’m speaking. I would also like to take more effort to know my outline, so I don’t have to read directly from my notes. I think that reading directly from my notes is distracting and I’m not engaging with my audience the way I should. Overall, I’m satisfied with how my speech turned out. This class has been a great learning experience for me and has changed my perspectives about public speaking.

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