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Last updated: May 8, 2019

The Holocaust is an evil many cannot forget, I recently seen a documentary of the holocaust. The events that took place during the holocaust were villainous in my opinion. The Nazis murdered millions of Jews, children, gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s witnesses, disabled persons and anyone who appeared inferior, deemed useless or a detriment in the Nazis eyes. Nazis killed millions of people to turn Germany into a world power and create a ‘Master Race’.

At the beginning of the holocaust outcasts were removed from their homes and banned from normal day to day society.They were forced to live in ghettos, Nazis placed people in concentration camps, and they imprisoned people for their beliefs, race or religion. These people died from diseases, exposure, starvation and most times they were shot for positively no reason. Some prisoners became medical experiments and were tortured or worked to death.

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As the years went by Nazis created gas chambers and infernos which became the ultimate cause of death for most Jews and outcasts. Hitler wanted to create a “Master Race” all this evil was executed for man’s Greed, Hate, Envy, man’sDelusions, Doubt and Lust. The problem with evil is the belief that there is a perfect God. So the question stands why would a perfect God let countless episodes of evil and suffering occur in our world? The holocaust is perfect evidence of evil that has occurred in our world. The murder of millions of innocent people and children for mere greed and hate is nothing but evil in its rare form. The Final solution that Mackie’s considers called the Free Will Defense is most convincing to me.

Evil is due to humans free will not God’s, God gave man free will.It is mysterious that god gave us free will but according to the scriptures (Gen 1:26-30) god wanted to create creatures in his image. As he is free he felt mankind too should be free. Free to do what’s right and wrong unfortunately this is part of the reason there is evil in the world. For as creatures with Free will we have the option to choose to do right or wrong. Sadly some of mankind turn their backs on God and this is why evil exists i. e.

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