Jack Stated Jack (Golding 150). Over throwing Ralph,

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   Jack (Merridew) is the perfect representation of immorality and darkness of human nature. From being a former leader of a choir group, to becoming leader of the hunters.

Jack’s militaristic attitude lead him to his over violent behavior. In Lord of the flies by William Golding, Jack represents the darkness of mankind by militaristically leading others, his eagerness for control, and blood thirst.    Leader of the choir group as well as the hunters, it’s obvious from the beginning that Jack has a violent and militaristic personality. He does not just lead his groups, but dominates them. Jack has strict rules and punishes those who break them, although he’s able to break them himself to pursue and fulfil his interests.”The freckles on Jack’s face disappeared… “the choir belongs to you of course” “They could be the army”” (Golding 23). This proves that even the other boys knew jacks militaristic leadership and views.

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   Jack’s attitude and actions to the boys is an explanation that he is unbelievably eager for control . From making them disagree with Ralph, and later on overthrows Ralph. “I’m chief” said Ralph … “You ran yourself!” Shouted Jack. Ralph went crimson. Jack ignored him again, “Who’ll join my tribe and have fun”” Stated Jack (Golding 150). Over throwing Ralph, and taking over he shows the darkness within himself by following his dreams of leading the group rather than helping Ralph maintaining the group as a reliable civilization and keeping sanity.

   It is pretty self explanatory that in the beginning of the story Jack’s bloodthirst was not as intense as how it developed throughout the story. As the leader of the hunters, he was expected to kill. The vicious young boy was once soft and tender.

As recalled, on his first attempt to murder a pig, he failed and the boys ashamed him. But when it happened and he struck, it was like violence became a part of him. “”There was lashings of blood” said Jack, laughing and shuddering, “you should have seen it!”” (Golding 69).

His excitement for killing only became greater and overwhelming.    We all have a different view and opinion of the darkness of mankind. In the book Lord of the flies by William golding, character Jack Merridew is the perfect representation of the darkness of mankind by his actions of over controlling others,his militaristic like leadership style and his development of bloodthirst.


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