Jasmine Revolution (Tunisia Revolution)

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On December 17, 2010 the protest started in the city of Sidi when a 26 year old fruit and vegetable vendor burned himself in front of municipal office. In following 3 weeks protests continued Ben Ali dismisses the minister of the interior. The move fails to quiet demonstrations. Ben Ali again came up with large concessions on state TV, but clashes grew more violent. State of emergency was declared with same ministries which outburst population even greater. Inquiry for Ben Ali finances opened and international warrant for him was issued.Mohammed Ghannouchi steps down as interim prime minister on 27th February 2011.

Nahda Party (Islamic party) got legalized. 23years reign of Ben Ali came to an end. Ben Ali and his wife, Leila Trabelsi, still in exile in Saudi Arabia, are convicted in absentia of having embezzled public funds. They are sentenced to 35 years in prison.

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Elections are held to determine the composition of the 217-member Constituent Assembly, a new body with a mandate to appoint an interim cabinet and draft a new constitution.By mid- December 2011 Moncef Marzouki, a human rights activist and opposition leader nder the Ben Ali regime, is elected president of Tunisia by the Constituent Assembly, and he appoints Hamad’ Jebali, a member of the Nah

Islamist groups wanted elections first, and the liberals and secularists prefer constitution first. And Islamists won. By end of February ‘1 1 security forces beat protesters and tear down their tents. Protestors from the Tahrir Square were arrested and tortured by militants. On Oct 9, Coptic Christians opted for protest when state television incited the violence against them. Military used lethal forces to arrest and killed 27 people were crushed in the incident.In November when the elections were held Muslim brotherhood sweeps seats in the parliament.

The Islamist got almost 90% of the seats. Next year in May when presidential elections were held out of so many candidates only 13 were narrowed which dropped down to two. Among them were Ahmed Shaflq ex-prime minister and Mohammed Mors’ (Islamist Group). Just a day before elections military grabbed even more power, diluting the power of president. Supreme Court decision was greatly influenced by military forces as they asked to shut down parliament. By this time it was more likely to be Morsi, who was greatly opposed by Military.Morsi sworn in as president.

He was not first Islamist president ut also first civilian to get the office of president. But weeks earlier military had already gained too much power. Morsi orders the retirement of the top Mubarak-era military leadership and nullifies the militarys June declaration and former head of military intelligence was made defense minister. Later Morsi claimed even more completed the task of drafting constitution. Human-rights groups have several concerns about the final draft, which also enshrines into law the power and privileges that the military had enjoyed under Mubarak.

Egyptians organized a large protest against the presidential palace. They had slogan for Mors’, “leave, leave, leave”. in January 2013, protestants return to Tahrir Square to record their protest against Mors’ as they felt.

He was misusing his powers. Following a massive fuel shortage and widespread electricity blackouts, protests rage in cities across Egypt for weeks, with dozens dying in the clashes between civilians and security forces. A new group of protestants “Tamarod” or “rebels” were established they demanded Morsi to step down and new elections to be conducted.By mid-June, Tamarod says it’s gathered 22 million signatures on its petition. Sisi issues a public statement warning that the growing “split in society’ between Morsi’s supporters and their opponents might compel the military “to intervene.

” Sisi meets with Morsi to propose concessions, including the appointment of a new prime minister and cabinet that would assume all legislative powers. But he won’t give up presidency. Protest out broke from almost every part of the country asking Mors’ to step down. As protests continue, Sisi appears on state television, ordering Morsi to come up with a political solution within 48 hours.

On 3rd July Mors’ got removed from his office. Mors’ was under house arrest, prohibiting him from communicating with anyone or from leaving the room. In the following hours, the new military leadership, led by Sisi, suspends the constitution and shuts down at least three Islamist television stations and issues arrest warrants for 300 Muslim Brotherhood officials, according to state media. Morsi’s supporters declare it a “military coup. ” Sisi was elected as interim President. And Mors’ loyalists were gunned down.

There were plans to draft a new constitution, and hold elections for parliament and a president within six months.Meanwhile, the persistent food and fuel shortages under Morsi suddenly cease. Many Egyptians supported Sisi and organized a rally for him.

Military broke up the protests Muslim Brotherhood members and their supporters had been camped out for days in front of the Rabaa mosque in Cairo. Egyptian military and police had threatened to break up the camps. Sisi had promised a humane dispersal. On Aug. 14, wearing riot gear and driving armored vehicles and bulldozers, the security forces move in, killing at least 600 people and wounding thousands more.

The attack, aided y snipers, lasts for more than 12 hours.Following the violence, Mansour, the interim president, announces a return to martial law that existed under Mubarak, and imposes a curfew. United States of America strongly condemned it but decides not to cut the aid. Millions of dollar keep coming as military aid. After an Egyptian court rules, Mubarak was released from prison. But was house arrested and h still has charges of killing 850 protestants on 25 January. Later in the month of September Mors’ and 14 other members of the Muslim Brotherhood are to stand trial for committing acts of violence and inciting killing and thuggery’.

Top ministers survived assassination attempts that were made same week. A campaign started which encouraged Sisi to run for the position of President. Often known as Run, Sisi, run.

To which Sisi replied that military doesn’t support general to legible for candidacy but with so many supporters he had no other choice. Military intelligents were attacked. of emergency for nearly three decades under Mubarak. It was one of the first rules lifted by the military in 2011 to begin the transition to democracy. Libyan Revolution: On February 15, riots break out in Benghazi inspired by Arab Spring revolts in Tunisia and Egypt.Later same month U. N.

Security Council imposed sanctions on Moammar Gadhafi and his family and calls on the International Criminal Court to investigate. U. S.

, Britain and France prepared U. N. -mandated air attack over Libya to stop advances on civilians by Gadhafi’s forces.

Rebels captured city of AJdabiya. Libyan foreign minister fled to Britain. And following him were other officials. A NATO missile attack on a house in Tripoli kills Gadhafi’s youngest son and three grandchildren. International criminal courts issues arrest warrant for Gadhafi against his crimes against humanity.

Ghadhafi refused to quit and said he would fght till end. By July 15, 2011 United States recognizes the National Transitional Council as the legitimate government of Libya. Interior minister who was against rebels was killed. Rebels claim to have captured the strategic town of Zawiyah, but fghting continues to rage.

And in coordination with NATO forces launched attack on Tripoli. NTC fghters ran to Gadhafi’s compound in Tripoli. Gadhafi was captured and died in the custody of NTC ghters and was taken to hometown, Sirte.NTC leaders celebrated declare the country liberated.

On October 31′ 2011 the NTC elected Abdel-Rahim el-Keeb as the country’s new interim prime minister. The election took place Just hours before NATO ended its mission in Libya. Syrian Revolution: On March 1 5th, 2011 A Day Of Rage was celebrated to bring down the government of President Bashar Assad.

A week later protests continued in Daraa, and Syrian state media release images of guns, hand grenades, bullets and stacks of Syrian currency said to be seized from a mosque in the town.Many Protestants were killed by ecurity forces as troops opened fire on protesters in several cities and crowds clashed on the streets of Damascus. Many people were severly injured an killed in April. In following month The U.

S. imposes sanctions on Assad and six senior Syrian officials for human rights abuses, freezing any assets they have in US Jurisdiction. The Swiss government passes a measure restricting arms sales to Syria and freezing the assets and banning the travel to Switzerland of 13 senior Syrian officials.

In the northern town of Jisr al-Shughour 120 troops were killed, government lost control.After several days of a ferocious assault on the city of Hama, the center of anti-regime protests, hundreds are left dead by Syrian security forces backed by tanks and snipers. Later the United States, Britain, France and Germany and the European Union demand that Assad resign, saying he is unfit to lead. In October Assad attends a ceremony to mark the 38th anniversary of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, Syrian troops storm villages close to the border with Turkey, hunting armed military defectors. UN human rights office reported the death toll has reached 3,500 innocent people in NOVI 1 .Arab League votes to suspend Syria’s membership and overwhelmingly approved sanctions against Syria to pressure Damascus to end its crackdown. More than 5,000 have died before the end of year.

Two car bombs explode near intelligence agency compounds in Damascus, killing 44 people in the first suicide attacks since the uprising began. And so protests and dying of innocents conitued. Please complete Syria urself after January 2012.

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