Jeffrey short sentences. I’m dying of brain cancer.

Jeffrey Davitz wrote this article on how he survived brain cancer and the miracle that had saved his life. This article has a huge impact on the reader because the writer made it personal and had an effect on the reader.    The writer starts with three short sentences. I’m dying of brain cancer. I prepared to end my life. Then I kept living. By using short simple sentences it makes it seem quick and grabs the attention of the reader. After reading the headline, it created a type of effect that made the reader curious on what is going to happen next and how. Davitz made the headline strong and powerful beacuse just by reading it I wanted to learn more about him and what happpend. Aid to die.  This law is where a group of people whp help someone to die when they don’t want to live anymore. I strongly disagree with this law. Jeffery wantedto end his life by using this law. Us people should help eachother to live and keep eachtoher safe not agree with them in wanting to kill themselves. No matter what I dont think that someone should just give up on life and lose faith.Death with Dignity. Dignity is a positive word that makes death seem like a normal thing to do.Right to die laws. This law give the right for   anyone to die, so no one can stop anyone to die. People who would like and hope to die  My father agreed, privately weeping, to deliver the drugs in the house to  me in case I couldn’t manage and needed to act. Basically this sentence tells us that a patient’s father is trying to help him (patient ) to die by sneaking in drugs that the patient can’t get therefore he could die or in other words he could suicide. This has a huge impacts on families that a parent who should be trying to keep his children in a safe place and to make sure that they are living a happy life,to be actually getting drugs to his son that will kill him eventually. However the father would have mixed emotions in that situation where he’s helping his son to die because the father is trying to help his son to end all of the sufferness from the cancer on the other hand hell feel guilty and uncomfortable for trying to kill his son.Then a peculiar thing happened : I started to feel better. These are two short sentences that show what happened in a strong tension way so the reader would want to know what happened next . First sentences is showing that a strange thing has happened . The second sentences shows that he as a patient is feeling better . He must ve been shocked after feeling better because he’s nearly dead and he almost missed this life chance.

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