Jesse school Owens attended Fairmount Junior High School.

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Jesse Owens, a legend, is a 4 time gold medalist in the Berlin Olympics one each 100 meters, 200 meters long jump, and 4×100 meter relay. Jesse Owens beats a German in a race during Hitler Germany and set a new olympian world record that Adolf Hitler was in charge of. Hitler stormed out of the stadium so he did not have to congratulate Owens because he was African American. Owens was also known as “Buckeye Bullet” during his years of running track at his college. Owens got this nickname for running at Ohio State University and for setting many world records.

Owens parents are Mary Emma Fitzgerald and Henry Cleveland Owens, he was born in Oakville, Alabama on September 12, 1913. When Owens was kid he got sick very easily, he fought lots of  battles with chronic bronchial congestion and pneumonia. At the age on nine Owens moved to Cleveland, Ohio where he discovered a world far different than slower. Owens was used to one roomed school houses and now he is attending Bolton Elementary School and is getting used to having stricter teachers. For middle school and high school Owens attended Fairmount Junior High School.

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Owens made the track team and was a black athlete in 1933 when there was segregation problems. When he and other African Americans would travel with their team they encountered discrimination by having to go to “black only” hotels and eating at “black only” restaurants.Those “white only” hotels that would let black athletes stay there made them have to use the back door and use the stairs instead of the elevator. Owens continued his running career and went to college at Ohio State University. When Owens was in college he won all of the major track events, he even won Ohio State Championship for three years straight. After college, Owens married Ruth Owens.

Jesse and Ruth had three daughter together, their names were Beverly, Marlene, and Gloria. Owens was a very inspirational speaker at many events.  He spoke at many events and to many people and inspired many peoples lives. He spoke at these events throughout his lifetime youth groups, professional organizations, sports banquets, brotherhood and black history programs, he also spoke at high school and college commencements and ceremonies. Owens inspired many children from speaking at these events. He inspired them to never give up and to always put in your best effort for things. Owens inspired many people’s lives during the years he lived, and still today.

Throughout Owens lifetime he faced hardships. A hardship that Owen faced was race issues. An example of a race issue that Owens faced is when he goes up against a german in the olympics during Nazi, Germany and segregation problems. The germans claimed that they were “perfect humans” and that blacks were worse than them and couldn’t beat them in anything. Owens and Luz Long go up against each other in the long jump, and Owens wins the olympics. Since Owens was black he got no recognition for defeating this person.

Owens did not let that affect him and he continued winning races and setting world records.During Owens lifetime he made many contributions. One contribution that Owens made was racing in the race against Luz Long. He still ran in this race despite the intimidating environment, the awful intensity, and where the great instigator Adolf Hitler was present in the stands. Owens didn’t let it affect him, he was doing what he loved. When Owens won the race neither Adolf Hitler nor president Roosevelt would shake his hand.

That didn’t affect Owens though he wasn’t there to get recognized, he was there to win the race. By Owens running and winning this race he was a big influence toward American Culture because sports is a huge importance to America. From this victory it gave Americans a hope to win the soon coming war, and for a racial change. Many African Americans were very impressed by his fame. For the first time, the newspapers had a story about an African American Athlete.


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