Job-ready diploma is good but for some jobs

Job-ready day one means to be prepared at all costs. It means to have an open mind when working with others. I think it also means to be on your toes and ready for any obstacle thrown your way.

Being “Job ready day one” can mean a lot of things. To be job ready day one there are specific skills and abilities that anindividual must possess. For an example, you have to be educated; having a high school diploma is good but for some jobs it won’t cut it. Having a college education will open up your opportunities to more jobs. Depending on the job, you may be required to have a certain license;, to work at a salon cutting hair you need your cosmetology license. Another thing that you need is transportation,– you need a way to and from you job that will always get you there on time and even a bit early. To demonstrate to your employer that you are job ready day one isalso very important.

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As the employee, of the employer it is your job to prove to your employer that you have job ready day one skills. You can do this by dressing according to your specific job;,  if that means wear a uniform then wear the uniform with your hair pulled back if necessary. If your workplace doesn’t have a uniform then dress appropriate to the job that you will be doing. Another way to show your employer that you are job ready is to be 15-30 minutes early, to show that your dedicated and ready to work. In my CTE Cosmetology class we are being prepared everyday to bejob ready day one. When we are on the floor and working on our “clients” we are working on them as if we were working in a salon and they are real.

When we are working in the classroom in group work, we’re working and communicating as if they were our co-workers at a job. We also go to a nursing home and do manicures on older women in the nursing home. No matter what we are doing in class we are always being prepared to bemoan ready day one in the future.




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