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John Richards

Basketball vs Football
The two most entertaining sports in the United States are basketball and football. There both
two entirely different sports but they have their similarities. Both sports have their own
individual leagues around the world. Basketball was created in 1891 by a teacher named James
Naismith, while football was created 15 years earlier in 1874. People play both sports
recreationally daily for exercise. It’s quite an amount of similarities between the two sports, but
obviously the two sports have its vast differences. Although they bear some similarities, the
differences between basketball and football are pronounced.

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Basketball and football are two of the most watched sports in the world. Both sports share the
same number of fans. They have their differences though. The primary difference between the
two sports are the shape of the object. A basketball is round, while a football is more of a
spheroid, but both are light weight. Another difference between the two is the contact. Football is
a full-on contact sport, where they tackle the opposing player with the football. People watch
football for the hard-hits and full on contact. Basketball, on the other hand, has some contact to it but it is not considered as a contact sport. In basketball, they’re fouls from creating
intentional contact to the opposing player by trying to defend. If you get six of those fouls you’ll
be fouled out or removed from the game.

The surface and environment in which both sports play on is contrary to each other.
football is played outside on a field over grass or green turf that goes up to about 100
yards. However, basketball is mainly played inside over a freshly clean-hardwood floor
so that they won’t slip. Sometimes basketball is played outside but for more team-oriented play,
basketball is kept inside a gymnasium.

Football players mainly have an ample amount of equipment on when they play. It consists of
a helmet, body padding, and guards to protect and prevent injury to the players. Basketball
usually doesn’t have any equipment that is mandatory to wear, but its arm and leg sleeves that
can help with your arms and legs over a long-term use. The main equipment that both sports use
is the mouthguard.
Some similarities between the two sports is the quarter length. Both football and basketball
have four quarters, a halftime, and an overtime (if necessary). Also, both sports have the same
objective to win. The first team who scores the highest before the last buzzer wins the game.
Both sports also have their substitutions between a “dead ball” (no possession).

More differences with football and basketball is that on a basketball court there are 10
players on the court. Its five from each team. In football there are 22 players in total. 11 from
each team. Basketball has five different positions. Football has eleven different positions
depending on if they’re on offense or defense. Also, the points are different. In basketball a
basket counts for 2 points, three pointer counts as 3, and a free throw counts as one. Football, on
the other hand. A touchdown counts as 6 points, and a fiend goal counts as one. In football, they
have two-point conversions where the team can give up the field goal for two points, only if the
players run in the touchdown lane again.

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