Jose of Lisbon and went for coaching

Mourinho is a Portuguese professional football manager and a former player. he
is managing Manchester united currently. He is regarded by numbers of coaches,
players and the audience. he has managed 7 teams and has been an assistant of
sir Booby Robson for 3 teams.


began his career in the profession of playing as a footballer. he studied sport
science in technical university of Lisbon and went for coaching in Britain. In Lisbon
for 5 years he worked as a physical education teacher. in 1990 he became sir
bobby robsons assistance at sporting CP and Porto. even Barcelona was assisted
by him but Sir robson retired after managing Barcelona.

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sir robson and Mourinho were managing Porto and Barcelona they were wining most
of their matches and trophies, so mourinho got famous and took over Porto after
the retirement of sir robson. Mourinho starting managing Porto, Benfica,
Chelsea, Inter Milan. while he was managing Porto, the premiere liga was coming
and Mourinho made Porto win it in 2003. With Porto he won the premiere liga 3
times and he got the highest honorable manager award.


winning 3 premier liga with Porto he went to Chelsea and there he made Chelsea
win one more premiere liga title and league cup after 50 years. he won the fa
cup for Chelsea also.

all his hard work for Chelsea in 2007 he decided to leave it and shift to inter
Milan where he first time meet Zlatan Ibrahimovi?. inter Milan was at a very
bad position and he managed it very well and got the team to the top. No one expected
that inter Milan can come to the position what mourinho got. after 3 months of
training with inter Milan they won Italian honor.  he made Inter Milan win the Serie a title and
he made inter Milan win their first Italian cup, Serie a, uefa championship and
the latter competition.


2010 he left inter Milan also and went to the great Real Madrid. he made a contract
of 3 years for managing Real Madrid.

won the Copa del Rey in his first season followed by world best coach of the
year award and la liga. he was the fifth coach to win all different type titles.

he left real Madrid as the contract in 2013. next he went to Chelsea again, he
thought of making a spell out there but managing Chelsea for the 2nd
time he only on league championship trophy. he failed to manage Chelsea after
that and in 2015 because of a poor run of Chelsea he had to leave Chelsea and
join the rivals of Chelsea, Manchester united.


2016, he started managing Manchester united and after joining only he made a
very massive change in it, he made one of the world’s best forward and one of
the best midfielder to join Manchester united. Zlatan Ibrahimovi? and Paul
Pogba. Manchester united had hopes of winning all trophies possible in 2016 as
they spend a lot on their squad.





“I hate to speak about
individuals. Players don’t win you trophies, teams win trophies, squads win
trophies. ”


“I’m not a defender of old
or new football managers. I believe in good ones and bad ones, those that
achieve success and those that don’t.”



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