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Judaism is the oldest surviving monotheistic religion. As religion is known best as, a set of ideas about the world and the way in which we should live our lives. Judaism and Islam are both monotheistic faiths that worship the God of Abraham and Adam. Judaism shares a ton of characteristics such as with whom all they worship and believe in; with God being the focal point, prophets, Devine revelation, angels, and Satan. Islam and Judaism are both Abrahamic religions and share common names, such as Moses, Abraham, Ezekiel, Elijah Jonah etc. The most dominant religion in Israel is Judaism, and most men and women are Jewish. Both stress accountability, Judgement day and moral accountability.


In Judaism, they’re five prime sects, Orthodox, Conservative, Reformed, Reconstructionist, and Humanistic. Each belief and obligations for each sect differs greatly and has their own code of conduct.

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One of the common beliefs is that God is the creator of all things that exist and he is to be worshiped as the absolute ruler of the universe. For the sake of our purpose on earth its believed that God created each one of us with the potential for perpetual growth as a species and as individuals. All humans are capable of good and evil and when we grow in righteousness and love we conform into what Gods intentions were as human beings.


Along with their common beliefs, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible were revealed to Moses by God, and that God communicated to the Jews through prophets. These faiths each pinpoint their unique covenant with God, for Judaism through Moses, and Islam through Muhammad. Judaism and Islam can also be tied to Christianity because of the Muslim belief that God acknowledged his purpose through his prophets Moses and Abraham.


Peace is paramount to both faiths. Anciently this is proven in their similar greetings “emphasizing peace be upon you” in Judaism its shalom aleichem and salaam alaikum in Islam. The greetings of these religions are mainly meant for the members to whom either belongs to.

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