Julian freak has built his body in such

Julian Smith lives inHillsboro, Oregon. This fitness freak has built his body in such a way that theviewer cannot resist searching for his journey towards here. Julian was verymuch interested in bodybuilding from his teenage and that’s when he starteddoing gym. At the age of 15, Julian started training at the gym. Although thereis something quite impressive in every builder from which the viewer staymesmerized.

Julian smith’s quads are damn impressive and strong which alwaysgets the attention of the viewer.His quads give feels ofX-Men level stuff because of his intense hard work. They are huge in size and afeel that can make any other builder jealous. A human physique having a brilliantmuscle group of a well developed quads is all you want.

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Someone having quadslike him and wearing mid thigh shorts is definitely going to get the manyattentions out there and Julian Smith has those breathtaking quads.In some years, Julianwas able to built his dream body which he always wanted to and that too betterthan his expectations. Because of this strong body, Julian gradually became anicon of bodybuilding.Squats and Lunges arethe best ways for working out for quads.

These exercises are knee-dominantexercises. But mostly people even after doing squat and lunge are still unableto get the maximum result from it which Julian gets. Julian is undoubtly abeast and an intense hard worker of the lower body.About Him:Full Name: JulianMichael SmithWeight: 195-200lbsHeight: 6’0Hometown/Location: Hillsboro, OregonNationality: AmericanProfession: BodybuilderAlso Known As: The Quad GuyTop Quad-Quaking Exercises of Julian Smith:1. Feet-Together BarbellSquat:Julian’s usually callsthis exercise “the meat and potatoes of quad development.” In which heuses an inside shoulder-width stance shifts used to focus from the glutes tothe quads.Julian usually does 4 to6 sets of a different range of reps.

Depending on him, He sometimes goes forheavy weights for lower reps, And sometimes goes for light weights for higherreps, and sometimes mixing the higher and lower weights in same session.Julian’s squat exerciseis not piece of cake for everyone and most of the people will not be able to doit easily, He does this because of the ankle mobility he has and will not beeasy for someone to do so with their feet together. But not so worry about itbecause It also took him years to get to the point on which he is and everyoneshould appreciate the struggle…

2. Bodyweight Sissy Squat:This exercise is veryhelpful for the lower body. Julian says: “Just like the pull up, pushup,or dip, the sissy squat is a foundational bodyweight exercise that must bemastered if you want to max out your quad gains.”Q: Why is this exerciseso effective? A: The more your knee travels forward past your toes, the more directly youstress the quadriceps which helps your quads in being strong and takes the problemslike glutes and hamstrings out.Julian says: “Ialways go to failure on these, as I would on most bodyweight exercises! I hitaround 3 to 4 sets but I mix up the tempo frequently, which drastically changesthe amount of reps I get per set. If I do just a basic up-down tempo I could goas high as 50-plus reps per set. But I often do 10-second negatives, whichwould push me down closer to the 10 to 15 rep range.

“3. Leg Extension:The leg extensionexercise targets your quadriceps. If this exercise is done correctly, itstrengthens your quadriceps.Q: Can you build greatquads without the leg extension?A: Absolutely. There are different exercises also which helps us to buildmassive quads.

(Julian prefers this exercise) Q: Can you max out your quad development and achieve the level of muscularityand definition that Julian and other top bodybuilders have? A: Probably not.Julian claims that”If you want to add size, you need to hit your compound, multi-joint moveslike squats and lunges. But if you want to add that sharp detail and crispfeathering, leg extensions are a must!”He (Julian) himself recommends4 sets of 20 and sometimes 30 reps on these. When he occasionally dips into thelower 8 to 12 rep range with heavier weights, he uses full contraction pausesor “quad squeezes” on every rep with his knees fully extended to getthe proper output.

  4. Machine Sissy Squat:There are many fitnessfreaks but this one is quite remarkable. This amazing beast making exercise isJulian’s favorite quad-quaking one. This exercise is of advanced level andusually builders take years to reach hereQ: How necessary thisworkout is?A: Julian quote this one “old school with a touch of new school,” becausein this u advance to a higher level and try to make it more higher. Standing ona bench or somewhere else allows your knees to go further than that of floor wouldotherwise. This move is surely the best way to build the desired quads if it’sdone continuously and properly.

Smith suggests 3 to 4sets with a very calm and controlled 3-4 second going down your body in everyrep. Now it’s your turn to start doing these exercises in order to be a beastlike this guy Julian.Struggle of Big Arms:Julian Smith is not onlyfamous because of his big impressive quads but also his other body parts areworth seeing. His arms are so huge and strong that his intense workout isobserved just by having a sight at it. The arm workout of this muscular guy is:1.

   Dumbbell curl sitting on a bench: (4 sets of 8 to 12 reps)2.   Pushing down triceps: (4 sets of 8 to 10 reps) and (2 drop sets when finishing)3.   Standing biceps cable curl: (4 sets of 8-10 reps) and (2 drop sets when finishing)4.   Bar skull crusher: (4 sets of 8 to 10 reps)5.   Triset:Julian smith’s triset contains 3main exercises i.e·        Barbell curl: (4 sets of 12 reps)·        Tricep dumbbell kickback: (4 sets of 12 reps)·        Palm-up wrist curl sitting on a bench: (4 sets of 12 reps) NUTRITION:In his early days of bodybuilding, He had noidea about nutrition.

He also admitted that instead of focusing on the realdiet, he made a mistake of purchasing lots of supplements. When Julian competedin his first show and end up disappointing himself as the results were not verysatisfying for him. He called it “rude awakening” and realized that there is aneed of change in his diet in order to reach the desired goals in this sport.

Scott Kluth, his first coach was the gamechanger for Julian. Scott gave his best to train Julian for the 2013 WashingtonIronman contest and Julian didn’t disappoint anyone. He won the title there. Inthis short period of 6 months training with his coach, Julian was now fullyaware of the proper diet, nutrition and supplements. Julian, now not only useshis past experience for himself but also helps other to take proper diet andnutrition in order to let them achieve their desired goals.MOTIVATION:Although Julian is a self motivated bodybuilderbut there is someone who motivated and inspired him, Scott Kluth, Julian’sfirst preparation coach and secondly Layne Norton, who is an popular physiquetrainer.Julian while telling about his work out coaches,said: “I learned about the proper nutrition from my first real prep coach, andnow great friend, Scott Klush. I also Follow Layne Norton and utilize hisdiet/training techniques.

“Inspiration for Others:Julian Smith after getting into this online workout community, has inspired many people. Julian not only does bodybuildingalone but also give advices to other people and now after so many years of hisbodybuilding career, Julian has given advices and suggestions to a huge amountof people and they all get benefits from it.Through this, Julian’s body is getting strongerand powerful day by day and his online fame is also increasing rapidly on somesocial media apps. Combining his snaps and physique, Julian is an motivationfor each and everyone who follows him from every corner of the world.Struggle of Julian Smith Shows:Nobody knows the perfect solution for them untilthey experience something big in a face of loss. Julian also made some mistakesin the past that he was not aware of the proper supplements, nutrition and dietbut later after getting the right solutions for that look at where is he rightnow. Julian learnt from his mistakes and did continuous hard work to achievehis goal.

The most important thing we get from his journey is that Dedication andhunger for getting something is a must for everyone in order to reach theirdesired level.

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