Julius taken down, he makes up an image

Julius Caesar an honorable man, or was he? He ruled over Rome with great power looking down on others, like a giant colossus above everyone. The people of Rome loved him but was he who he said he was. Yes, he is a wise man but to conquer and rule Rome you must be more than wise. But he has not shown any other traits. He did not bring resources home from war, which was a foolish move leaving some people uncertain about this man. People became suspicious of how fit he was to rule Rome. So was he, was he weak and not fit to rule over Rome. No he was not, He was weak and foolish and was not as strong as he portrayed himself to be. He manipulates the crowds but we can see past this and to his true personality. There are a few topics, points and convincing arguments  that I would like to bring up. Firstly a quote “Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world, Like a Colossus, and we petty men, Walk under his huge legs and peep about”. As Cassius tries to convince Brutus that Caesar needs to be taken down, he makes up an image of the Roman leader as a “Colossus”. Cassius also likes to go around talking about what a wimp Caesar is.  Just a few lines earlier, Cassius tells Brutus the story of how Caesar almost drowned as a young boy and how he once became so sick that he acted like a sick girl. So what’s the deal with all of these competing images of Caesar in the play?  Is he really an all-powerful figure, No he is malupative and makes himself out more powerful than reality. He changes around the people of Rome to different man who sounds more almost god like compared to his normal self. Caesar was too cocky and ambitious, the more the crowd liked him and cheered for him the more cocky he would get. There comes a point where he becomes to cocky and thinks to himself that he has secured the crown. He looked down on his people like I stated above. This cockness ultimately lead to his death by being tricked to go to the Theatre of Pompey by being told he would be crowned there. If he was ambitious, why did he refuse the crown offered to him by Mark Anthony?  It is all part of his plan.  If it looks like Caesar does not want to be emperor, the people will want him more. The crown was just a formality. Caesar created his fate through a variety of choices that he made throughout the book.Caesar was bad for Rome, he was bad for the city of Rome, Caesar was cunning and cruel. He was disrespectful to his elders, and to all of those around him. He sent people to his gladiator games for disobeying him in the slightest command and he killed hundreds of millions of people. He created sn unrest in Rome and was a strict military leader. Although to the ancient Romans that could have made him a hero by today’s standard he was evil and cruel. While researching I noticed people sometimes compare him to Adolf Hitler. While there is a big stretch in time there, I can sometimes see how this comparison could be made.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



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