‘Jumanji’ The Rock Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack

‘Jumanji’ 1995 was an overstuffed movie with Robin Williams as the main
character as Alan Parrish. Its true distinction were the jungle animals such as
Elephants, monkeys, rhinos etc. rampaging through his mansion kitchen, water
gushing out on to the streets with crocodile which looked very magical and

Recently the most talked and watched was Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle’,
which is a standalone sequel though not a remake of Jumanji 1995.

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There is nothing much magical about Jumanji ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ with
our four characters being sucked into a video game, thrown into a jungle as
Video games avatars. In order to judge which a better movie amongst the two is,
we would assess the two by comparing their 5 elements.

A.   Cast

B.   The plot

C.  Cinematography, VFX and Special effects

D.  Amazing or Wow factor

E.   Originality


The Cast

Stars such as Late Robin Williams and Kristen Dunst as a very young girl
in Jumanji 1995 carried almost the entire movie on them being the main
characters. Whereas in Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle 2017 the movie has
Hollywood stars such as Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Nick
Jonas and Karen Gillan. The villain in both the movies is same with John Hardin
Van Pelt and characters have to finish the game to come back to reality. Alan Parrish
is not there in 2017 Jumanji but they have remembered his character in the

Audience is treated to hilarious comedy as there are two comedians in
this movie who give us nonstop laughter. But the best character award should be
given to Jack Black for his character as Bethany or Professor Sheldon Oberon
who made us believe that he was a blonde who seems to be trapped in a man’s


The Plot

Jumanji 1995 was an adventure movie one of the best childhood movies one
had ever seen. In those times of board games it was unimaginable thing to think
of a kid being sucked into a board game and his retuning as a grown up man
after 26years. This movie had come after 2 years after Jurassic Park but the
adventure and unexpected appearances of wild beasts was equally exciting and
unheard of.

Whereas in 2017 Jumanji all the characters are sucked into a video game
with 3 life lines and each one realising the fact that they need each other to
finish the game or they would be left in it forever. It is not a board game but
a video game which they need to win to come back to their real life and real
being. The original characters get transformed into video game avatars to play
the game.

When original Jumanji was released such adventurous plot was unheard of,
though Jumanji 2017 is more of a comedy movie with a funny plot.

Amazing or the Wow factor

Jumanji 1995 was a total wow movie with animals coming out of a board
game rampaging into the mansion house and then on to the streets terrorising
the normal civilian and staying there till the end of the game. The fate of
each character depended on the roll of the dice which was unthinkable in the
1990s era of movies. Further the character of Alan Parrish who survives in the
jungle for 26 years and comes back to civilisation in order to finish the game.

2017 Jumanji is more of a video game movie with the present digital
technology. Each character has its abilities and weaknesses and they have lives
which are cut when they die due to their weaknesses, like in a video game.

Both the movies Jumanji 1995 and Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle have
their equal share of Wow and amazing factor.

Cinematography and
special effects

Jumanji 1995 had amazing visual effects with jungle animals running on
to the streets, monkeys creating menace with police and civilian vehicles,
water gushing out with crocodile from the mansion and taking civilian with
them. It seems evident that all these animals had to be digitally changed and
some would have been props. It was truly a spectacle to watch with all the
wildlife creating havoc in the city.

Jumanji Welcome to the jungle did have some good cinematography as the
location of the movie was Hawaii islands. It is movie of today times and it met
its expectations.

But the winner in this section is certainly Jumanji 1995 which gets the


1995 Jumanji looked more original, the whole concept was amazing and
unthinkable. It was a movie based on a board game which the kids started
dreaming about and did not care if they had to live a risky their life to
experience the adventures faced by the characters of the movie specially Alan
Parrish who lived the game for 26 years escaping from the villain. Audience
then and now still love this movie and in fact is still being watched by all
age groups.

Though Jumanji 2017 has an original plot as per today’s times but we
have too many movies made based on video games. Both Jumanji are not at
distantly similar and each movie is distinct in itself and pertains to its own
era. 2017 Jumanji is being liked by the new generation and the board game
switched to video game.


The original Jumanji wins as it is loved by all generations and is a
classic with amazing memories. 

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