Keeping Old School Music Alive

Angela Crafton Robyn Miller, Instructor HUM/176 July 3, 2011 Keeping Old School Music Alive R&B crooners such as R. Kelly, Brian McKnight, and Raphael Saadiq are striving to keep “Old School Music” alive. There are so many different genres of music and they all represent different people, attitudes, places, times, ethnicities and ideas. Imagine what this world would be like without old school R & B artists like Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Diana Ross, and everybody’s all time favorite Michael Jackson to share the gift of R&B with us.Berry Gordy, Founder and owner of the Tamla-Motown family record labels, established Motown Records as one of the most important independent labels in the early ’60s. Assembling an industrious staff of songwriters, producers, and musicians, Motown Records built one of the most impressive rosters of artist in the history of pop music and became the largest and most successful independent record company in the United State by 1964. Music is very personal to people.

In order for someone to learn it efficiently you need to teach them according to their goals and interests.If a kid wants to learn how to play baseball, you don’t have to teach him physics first so he can understand force and gravity…you just pick up a glove and ball and tell him to throw it! Now, you can’t expect to pick up an instrument and master it in two days, but you can immediately start working towards your own goals and doing so on songs you actually like. For decades people have been drawn to music because of the way it makes them feel and for a means of self-expression.The old school and most popular approach of teaching someone to play music is by following method books, playing seemingly uninformed scales and chord progressions out of context, and learning theory that will make you a well rounded musician someday. The concept here is that if you do this now, it will pay off later. Well, if you can make it to later, without quitting, you are probably one of the few.

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Most people who have stuck with music kept taking lessons because there either was no other option or they were forced to do music of some sort.I’m really going back to old school R&B with these four songs,” McKnight, who recorded the new material during January in Los Angeles, tells Billboard. com. He describes one, “Temptation,” as “a real Marvin Gaye-ish style,” with a message about “not succumbing to your desires and losing something that’s very important to you.

I did it with my oldest son [Brian Jr. ], so I’m sort of passing down some knowledge from father to son..

. in a very slick way. ” McKnight says another new song is “a real throwback.I’ve been listening to a lot of Ray Charles lately, and I wanted a song that really sounded like 1953 Ray Charles. It definitely sounds like 1953 with the production and the way I did it. ” (Graff, 2011) Having old school music and keeping it alive is important because it allows people to feel the soul of artists and what they may have been going through at that particular time.

Many times others are feeling the exact same way yet they have no platform to express it.



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