Keys to Happiness

Looking back on the first twenty years of my life, lived with passion, energy and enthusiasm, I feel grateful to have been so healthy and happy. I owe my happiness to so many people and lucky events, but there are three key, fundamental factors that have guided me and supported me in my life.

Those three keys to life are my physical health, healthy finances, and my family’s happiness. Health comes first for me, because without health everthing else is meaningless. Imagine starting a career without good health.Imagine starting a family without good health. Imagine achieving anything without good health. Clearly, good health is a basic, fundamental prerequisite for every other aspect of one’s life.

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Good health is not enough to be happy. We still need to have money in today’s society. Money obviously pays for the basic necessities of life – food, housing, clothing – but is also necessary for other reasons. The amount of money we have at our disposal determines the quality of education we can receive.Money guarantees we will always get adequate medical treatment if the need arises.

We can also use money for travel and other entertainment that can add to our quality of life. When we have both our health and healthy finances, we can turn our attention to the most important factor in having a happy life. Family is the most important factor because it provides the love, joy and support that everybody needs. I love my family with all my heart.

I get pleasure from their pleasure. I suffer when they suffer.My family helped me get through the tremendous pressure of entrance exams. They consoled and advised me when I had misunderstandings with my friends. More importantly, they were there to share in my successes throughout the past twenty years. These three factors are all that I need and want in this world.

As long as I stay healthy, work hard to earn as much money as I can, and then use my health and wealth to share both good times and bad times with my family, I will always be the happiest girl in the world.

Author: Israel Erickson


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