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P.E. A4

8 Dec. 2017

of Exercise

            Exercise can be beneficial to one’s physical, mental, and
emotional health. It lengthens lifespans, keeps people energized, and helps them
 feel more relaxed during the day. It has
also been shown to combat the effects of various mental illnesses. It is
important to exercise regularly to maintain good health. There are many
positive effects exercise can have on a person’s everyday life.

            The most obvious reason to exercise is to maintain
physical fitness. Routine exercise is important because it adds years to
people’s lives. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that
people who exercised for just 75 minutes each week lived an average of 1.8
years longer than those who did not. The more exercise an individual does per
week, the longer their predicted lifespan will be. These results held true for
everyone, regardless of weight level, meaning that even overweight or obese
people will experience longer life expectancies than those who are not active. One
reason for this is that staying in shape greatly reduces one’s risk of some
cancers, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Improved body strength will also
help it overcome ailments that result from old age. This is just one of many
physical benefits of exercise.

            Exercise plays a role in having good mental health as
well as physical health. According to a Duke University study, exercise can be
as effective as antidepressants in treating depression. Regular exercise also
proved to prevent relapse in patients who stay active. In fact, exercise is so
effective in reducing depression that psychologists are now beginning to add it
to patients’ treatment plans. Another study, conducted by Southern Methodist
University, found that exercise can also reduce anxiety. Individuals with
anxiety can become less sensitive to it by exercising often. Exercise can play
a big part in keeping minds sharp and healthy, so it helpful in more ways than
just keeping physical health.

            Lastly, exercise is healthy for people’s emotions. Quite simply,
morning exercise can make people feel good. People who exercise regularly reportedly
felt more relaxed, focused, and happy overall during the day. This is because exercise
causes the body to release certain hormones, called endorphins, that make people
feel calm and improve their mood. Even if someone doesn’t have clinical depression
or anxiety, exercise is beneficial to their emotional health.

            Everyone should stay active because exercise has a multitude
of health benefits, from adding years to people’s lives to keeping minds sharp and
focused. The research shows that those who exercise are healthier and happier than
those who live a sedentary lifestyle. Exercising may be the key to extending and
improving the quality of many people’s lives. The first step is to just get out
there and start.

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