K’na theme of the movie was easily determined,

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Last updated: June 5, 2019

K’na the Dreamweaver moviewas shown on the 2nd of August last 2014. The movie was written byand directed by the same person, Anita Del Mundo.  The main characters of the movie are MaraLopez, Alex Vincent, RK Bagatsing, and many more. The movie lasted for an hourand twenty-five minutes, it got a rating of 7.1/10 on iMDb.             The movie is about a young woman named K’na whodiscovers that she has been chosen by the gods as her village’s Dreamweaver.

She fell in love with a man namedSilaw, but due to the problems between the North and the South tribe, K’na wasforced to marry the prince of the north in order to achieve peace between thetwo tribes.             The theme of this movie is very beautiful, love and sacrifice,K’na was a loving person she cared for what matters the most. She sacrificedher love to Silaw so that peace between the two tribes can happen.

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The theme ofthe movie was easily determined, due to the scenes like, when K’na fell in lovewith Silaw but then has to sacrifice that love for the peace of the two tribes.The film made it easy for us to discover the theme because of its scenes.            In the movie K’na, the cinematography was great.

The maincharacter portrayed their role properly. However, there seems to be a fewerrors, but still it was good. The lighting is great, the angle of thelighting, was near to exact. In the movie, the lighting looked so natural. Whenyou see the setting, it is very beautiful, the place is so big, but in thefilm, some of the place that were used to take the film was not maximized, Imean that there are so many beautiful parts of the island to shoot some scenesand it was not used, it was a waste of money. Now, onto the sound of the film, thesounds or the sound effects was great on every scene made, every sound that iscreated matches the scene. Another about sound, is that the music that playsevery time there is a dramatic scene was perfect, every happy and sad moment,there is that appropriate music that made it look and sound so real.             In conclusion, K’na the Dreamweaver the movie has a greatplot, good theme, good cinematography, and great sound.

This movie showed whatlove can do, and what sacrifices it can create. The movie showed a part of ourcountry (Philippines) that is unexplored. My opinion for this movie is thatlet’s make it longer, maybe add another hour.

Another is let us not rush thedramatic scenes. When rushed the scenes becomes so “bitin” to the viewers, theviewers tend to get irritated because of “bitin parts” where they would expectsomething to happen but nothing happened because the scene was short. I wouldlike to recommend to put a little twist on the movie, because some viewers saysthat the film is boring even though they have not watched it yet.


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