Known also be used in your hair.To

for its unique taste of its sweetness with a dip of sourness, You just need
some eggs, lemon eradication, and of course, some oil. Having these ingredients
builds up the compositon of mayonnaise. On the other hand,You can now gain 700
Kcal in just 100 grams.This is may be the enough proof to prove that Mayonnaise
has a lot of oil. Eggs already contains Salmonella. It can be dangerous if not
handled properly.


contains Oxygen(O)Hydrogen(H)) Nitrogen(N) Carbon(C), while elements found in a
small amount are Sodium(Na) and Chlorine(Cl).It takes up about 7% to 8% of
water while 6% in the percentage of the egg yolks. In addition, Mayonnaise can
also be used in your hair.To make the hair grow fast, you can use mayonnaise
which contains eggs that has Lecithin,it is also for scalp exfoliating agent
because of vinegar.Being consumed by an average person can cause risks in
health. Because of this, health hazards are present. Mayonnaise had been never
used as a germinating agent. Artery clogging is the effect in the human body of
mayonnaise,since it has a lot of fats.People who has egg allergies can try egg
free alternatives. Furthermore, Soya or Pea Protein was now being used for alternatives
in Lecithin in Egg yolk as an emulsifier to make the water in it balanced.  White, cream, or pale yellow can be the
colors of Mayonnaise.Thick gel and light cream are the textures of mayonnaise.
In France, the ordinarily used ingredient is mustard. In addition, mayonnaise
can be turned into a sauce. It has 50% oil, 9%-11%salt, 7%-10% starch in the
water stage. Many spoilage organisms are now present in these circumstances.
Yeasts, molds, and few bacteria are now in this places. Genus Saccharomyes is
making the Mayonnaise to be spoiled . Having the bad scents are one of the
characteristics of the Z.baillil.  Bifidobacterium
bifidum and B.infantis can extend the mayonnaise up to 4 months without any
spoilage occuring. Chemically,Mayonnaise belong to the group of colloids.Small
fragments suspended in a more incompatible material are called colloids.Compared
to molecules, these are bigger ones. Using filter papers, small particles will just
pass through. Seasonings are added after the oil has been added. Blenders and
mixers are required to create a homemade mayonnaise. Use fresh eggs to avoid
salmonella. Real Mayonnaise isn’t considered a reduced fat Mayonnaise.Sun burn
and dead skin cells can be treated by mayonnaise. It also has the ability to
give moisture on the lips and joints. Making the skin and the hair moisturized
makes the mayonnaise famous.

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A perennial plant
called Capsicum annuum, often being cultivated and applying the usage of annual
in temperate areas. It has a lot of branches, measuring up about to 75 cm.They
are having a lot of branches. Lanceolate is the shape of the leaves. The small
flowers measuring around 1.5 cm. Colors can be white or purple. Fruits are
having a lot of seed. Colors of red, orange, green, yellow and purple are
starting to show when ripened. These plants are used cooked, fresh or even
dried depending on the needs of your dish. Being high in Vitamins A and C are
one of their characteristics. It can be even used in ornamental purposes. This
ingredient can also be used as a self-defense item since it contains Capsaicin,
which can cause eye irritation. On the other hand, it also has a lot of medical
purposes like curing soreness of the muscle, irritation of the skin, Rheum a,
and even against Inflammatory. Recent medical researches stated that it can be
used as antimicrobial and against Fungi. On-going studies are now using it as anti-cancer
treatment. In addition, it is also used for ornamental purposes since the
unusual colors such as purple and red are being remarkable. Capsicum annum is
now cultivated in many parts of the world. It has always been significance to
dishes because of its unique and mesmerizing flavor that will really feel you
being heated up. It was also named the “The naughty Chili”. Although, Capsicum
annuum can survive in cold climates, It is more productive in hot climates.


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