Language written by George Orwell. Language plays an

Language is considered as unavoidable element of daily life as we are chasing towards the globalization era.”If tought corrupt language,language can corrupt tought”.It is a statement from the “Politics and the English language” written by George Orwell. Language plays an important role in communicating our toughts,beliefs,attitudes and feelings,has an essential impact in our daily lives and professional practice.(Webster & Lu,2012).Language plays a powerful means by which civilization perpetuates its values whether they be its proudest achievement and accomplishments.Morover,language is equally capable of opening or confining our views,and it can shape our thinking and actions.It is obviously the most important medium for humans to communicate with one another.Without language,society would be in disorder mess of miscommunication and ambiguity.With both multiculturalism and the opportunity for travel being bigger,it is fair for me to argue that there are more needs than ever to have understanding and practical knowledge of secondary languages far flung across the borders.In order to maximize our learning,we should decide that secondary language learning a worthful one as it makes a logical sence to select language which will be a dominant language in world communication.

Over the past years,I had notice that in many schools of Malaysia,students don’t start the process of learning a new language until secondary school.It would extremely beneficial if schools instead tought about spending more money into acquiring bilingual programs.On the another hand,It would also not benefit to spend one’s time perfecting a dying language like Latin.Early age learning of secondary language would be the ease one as our brain absorbs the souns and rules of a new language naturally just like our native tounge.As we grow older,it is harder to learn language because we have to study grammar rules and work around our developed prime language.In the past,Chinese learning was a difficult one has involving huge dictionaries,endless character list and poorly recorded tapes.Lucikly,there are now much better ways for us to learn Chinese.As we are moving forward in digital world,things had been ease,through various types of learning techniques.Great dictionary programs like Pleco and brilliant brilliant character-learning programs such as Memrise and Anki had been introduced to make things better.Media-assisted learning techniques are also a huge help when it comes to learning Chinese,and for this you can check FluentU.Fluentu,an online immersion platform that takes real-world videos-like music videos,moviestrailers,news and inspiring talks-and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.All of these makes attaining Chinese profiency faster and easier than ever before.Another way in which technology had make Chinese an easier language to learn is the way typing is supplanting character writing in China.A number of popular character input methods are used throughout China and most of the countries on mobile devices and computers,had grown in becoming the primary way that Chinese texts are created.So that it means that you would really only need to be able to recognize a Chinese character,in order to type it,rather than learning how to physically draw it through rote memorization.While much of the world shares a common online space,this is not the case for China.Due to government restrictions and the ever-present language barrier,China’s most of the internet sites are effectively inaccessible to outsiders.The China internet have its own unique multimedia,memes and other content virtually unknown to the rest of the world.A very good example of this Chinese video sharing-sites Youku and Tudou,which effectively function as Chinese versions of YouTube.The key to accesing these spaces is Chinese fluency,yet another reward for learning this language as a second language.

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Thus,the most important and beneficial language worth studying is unequivocally Mandarin.The form of Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world with an estimation 955 million native speakers.Statisticsshows,as of 2008 China had helped 60,000 teachers promote its language internationally and eventually Chinese economy is set to overtake the currently towering US economy by 2008,a timescale where Mandarin would be truly a dominant language.Here,I would like to mention that the previous American President Barack Obama has picked Chinese and even Mark Zuckerberg from facebook had also learned Chinese as his second language.Even Bill Gates praised Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for being able to conduct a Q;A entirely in Chinese, and claimed that his biggest regret was not learning another language.Therefore,I would say that we can roughly shed some light on the importance of Chinese as a second language.
The prime advantage of learning Chinese as a second language where as,it is almost similar to the English in term of grammars,characters and pronunciations.A simple Chinese Sentence structure varied of a subject,predicate and an object.For instance, ‘I wash my hands’ in Chinese is ?Wo (I) ? xi (wash) ?shou (hands).Neither,Chinese language does not have forms based on gender or singular/plural.Eventough,there are few differences of forms,it is not a big issues to trace the clue and bridge the gap.Furthermore,the Chinese grammars are barely straightforward so with that being said,why isn’t everyone learning Mandarin Chinese.Most people are often demotivated from learning Chinese because they think that it is extremely hard and it is a common misconception.While there are over 80,000 Chinese characters in the language,the truth is that the native only speakers only use 3500 characters in their daily life conversations.

Since Chinese(Mandarin) writing relies on thousands of characters,learners of Mandarin Chinese will have to read and interpret a vast number of visual symbols,activating more regions of the brain than English.Morover,through learning Mandarin,children can become more adapt on visual communication,more readily with interpreting symbols in visual art and understanding symbolism and visual communication.Another unique and fabulous fact that most of us would not know about Chinese language is,there is a correlation between learning Mandarin and improved mathematical ability.Scientific correlation between Mandarin and improved mathematical ability.Theortically proven that Mandarin reprensentation of numbers is less abstract than Arabic numbers,and because the method of practicing and writing process requires repeated counting, whereby young children gain greater familiarity with math and with numeric thinking.So these would obviously one of a main criteria why do the Chinese are excel in Mathematics and calculas because Mandarin Chinese involves learning language,sounds drawing which activates more region of the brain and improves cognitive development overall,even in adults.Comparing with English speakers for instance,who tend to alternate between left and right hemispheres,speakers of Mandarin use more of their brain more of the time.In nutshell theory,this more balances braincould lead to greater overall creativity, enhanced problem-solving, and increased emotional intelligence.

In addition to the benefits either through economically and culturally,there is an apt amount of research showing the exponential cognitive and personal benefits of learning Chinese language as a second language.Within the standardized test culture,it was found that schools that conduct and having foreign language classes scored higher on tests in reading,math and language arts.This fact alone should motivate proponents.Nextly,people who have learned a foreign language in stage of educations,shows a greater cognitive development in mental flexibility,creativity and reasoning (Cognitive Benefits of Learning a Second Language).The compulsory needs to learn Chinese language at an earlier age will allow many of these skills,are being neglected and left over,to be emphasized in our education system.

In my experience,learning a second language requires an entirely different way of learning fosters creativity in the method of studying/learning.Forexample,learning a second language many activities such as writing short stories,talking with classmates,watching movies from another culture,and interactive games.Learning a second language can be done through many diferent avenues as opposed to math,which must be done in procedures,working out a problem.This freedom to learn varies in many ways and creates an environment in a classroom that teaches multiple ways of learning and skills.Once a language is acquired,many people benefits become clear.In comparison to monolinguals,foreign language learners have been shown to have sharper memories and better listening skills(The Benefits of Second Language Study 2007).

Nextly,learning Chinese as a second language also plays an important rule in terms of the economic factors.As we compare our country with other countries who uses Chinese as their language such as Singapore,Taiwan,Hong Kong and China,it will be so much easier to gain acess into big shares and investments if we are able to converse in Chinese.As more business began to emerge from China,they also seek to diversify their portfolios with global opportunities.Ali Baba had recently invested $200million in photo-sharing application Snapchat.Forinstance,most Chinese businessmen,learning English is a necessity.So,imagine sitting across the table from a team that converse your language,but you don’t speak theirs.That puts you at a stark disadvantage.Nevertheless,learning Chinese for business will make you look more trustworthy and accomplished to others.In our globalized world,it has been more essential in the job market to know second language.Hence,knowing Chinese Mandarin in fluency gives an edge or in another word transformations on any resume by showing our plus points and potential to converse with another group of ethnic.Employers would be more keen and apt to send certain employee abroad if he or she shows profiency in the second language(Chinese).Thus an experience abroad has the ability to build up careers where will lead into promotions and valuable skills dealing with foreign customers especially the Chinese populated customers.Travelling to another abroad companies which are using the Chinese language as their Lingua Franca for a job not only allows for tremendous opportunities for oneself,but also allow the certain company to broaden its network.Yet businesses are not the only types of employment where learning another language would be beneficial.Forexample,educators often need to deal with students with nearest countries who might uses Chinese Mandarin as their native language,and those in their entertainment industries can open up their career aspects ten fold if they can effectivelyly learn Chinese language. Specifically, in jobs dealing with marketing, sales, or technical support, knowing a second language can add between 10% and 15% to your wage (Hazlehurst, 2010).

Since Chinese market is booming drastically,historically as GDP of a country rises,so does the disposable income of its people.If you have established your brand at this midway point you stand to increase your revenue in line with this rise in income.Another advantage is the ability to close up the door on other competing companies who didn’t become Chinese friendly as early as you did.Forinstance,imagine if Coca Cola had launched 50 years ago,and monopolized the cola industry in Us.Would Pepsi even bother launching?Coca Cola could quash them easily thanks to their strong position.While,you may never get to this level of power,having strong brand recognition and loyalty will go a ong way into maintaining your position.For this reason and many more,it makes all the sence in the world to start learning Chinese language as second language ASAP.It has potential to catapult your business to a positionof profitability you could have only dreamt about before!
Another deniable fact,through learning Chinese as a secondary language gives a global understanding of their unique and ancient culture.Through learning Chinese in depth,you will have the chance to see fascinating new things from a new perspective,which not most people can and conduct with the new people all over the world.Sinceages,the Chinese had been known as the Celestial Emperial.This refers not only to strength of China but also captures a more profound meaning where it describes a land where the divine mortal once coexisted.It refers to the belief that the divine,throughvarious dynasties, transmitted a rich and abundant culture to the Chinese people.Therefore,it is considered as an achievement anyone can be proud of and is extremely satisfying through getting know about the culture deeply.Once the hard work paid off,you will experience the many pros associated with learning chinese language and hence will have a tremendous found confidence.Learning Chinese as a second language will also open up our world in ways a monoglot.Our mind will be constantly be engaged and will gain an insight into the Chinese culture.It also makes it easier to learn a third,which will certainly broaden our horizons.

Chinese is not only spoken in China-it’s also spoken in Malaysia,Taiwan,Singapore and more other places besides.Most of the countries also have a large populations of Chinese,and being able to speak Chinese which will make your travelling experience more enjoyable and exciting.Nevertheless,learning second language as Chinese Mandarin is considered worthful and we should have a genetic predisposition to Chinese language and truly enjoyed the process of learning through their words and phrases.It wasn’t into me until I was older though when I truly started to travel to most of the Asean countries regularly that I finally understood the importance of Chinese language when I travel.

Learning Chinese Mandarin as second language depends entirely on why you are studying the second language.If you are learning it for the sake because you have to and don’t really have any plans to use it again,you might want to pick something closer to your first language that will be easier to learn.If you want to learn it to advance your career,look at the companies you want to work for and see what other nations they do business with the most and pick one of these languages.Last but not least,if your motive is simply that you like the language or you plan to live in a country that speaks the language,then the answer will be definitely YES,you should learn Chinese.Thus,it can be considered as a rewarding experience,and being able to speak the language of the place you live in is very freeing and also shows respect to the community of the Chinese ethnic that you are living among(not to mention all the doors it will open when the locals find out you can communicate with them in THEIR language).Therefore,Mandarin is a beautiful language,but language will take some serious work as “Rome was not built in a day” .So if you are up for the challenge,go for it!
Overall,Chinese language is emerging as one of the most important languages in the world primarily due to the rise of China’s economic and political significance (Finn, Lu, De Pitta, Young, & Ye, 2013). Various programmes for teaching and learning Chinese are currently being offered in diverse learning environments such as primary schools,secondary schools, as credited or non-credited courses in higher institutions; business sectors; government agencies; community centres.Learning is available via face-face instructions,online lessons and computer-mediated interactions and the demand for the Chinese language training continues to grow.In contrast,however research and publications on teaching and learning Chinese as a second language have not kept pace with rapid development of this promising field.Based on the write up above,although there may not be an absolute consensus for a universal term,teaching and learning Chinese as an second language presents as respectful,wholistic alternative that is politically,socially linguistically and pedagogically appropriate.

In nutshell,language is a beautiful form of communication wherein it is used to convey the emotions,feelings,remarks words and messages of a person through the use of different media and different forms such as verbal and nonverbal wherevein for verbal,it is mostly done on one-on-one talk,or through a mass audience and may even be through the use of phones .Additionally language can give meaning to words be it a single and more definitions of a person’s understanding and use.Therefore,learning Chinese mandarin as a second language at young age leads to many advantages in the long run.As Confucius said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” At glance you take the journey of learning Chinese,I promise you will never get bored in your life ! As one of the oldest languages that has evolved over thousands of years,this learning will never fail and end.Either you are native or non-native speakers, you can always challenge yourself to reach new heights! Hence,get yourself ready to meet challenges in the increasingly interconnected world.When opportunities come, you are ready!
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