Law: standard of human conduct. Law recommends

Law: It could be rule and regulation
which everyone in any system or organisation should follow. And it’s always
different for one organisation another .

Ethics: It is
courtesy or philosophy of human behaviour where they believe to be right . It
is also a human interest , their values, principles allow to do so.

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Moral: Many people believe in morality,
self instinct. But moral always depend on our ethics.

In one sentence, law sets the base standard of
human conduct while morals sets most extreme standard of human conduct. Law
recommends punishments and remedies for the violations of the standards it sets
while moral expects a perfect arrangement of behaviour of people concerned. (Website 1)

and ethical behaviour at workplace

should maintain professionalism and ethical behaviour at their workplace so
that they can get benefit for their career . They should have aware of how to
treat their co-workers and workplace attitude and improve their efficiency and value.

At Meeting:

Business Meetings are regular event in the business
world, and by following meeting good manners people can improve. Recognize each
speaker that has the floor and do not try to talk over someone else. Be
prepared to contribute to the meeting by reviewing the agenda in advance and
arrive on time. Be respectful of the meeting chairperson and follow the format
of the meeting, which would include using the proper times to ask questions.


Each employees should have a good communication
skills, they should be follow company memos and ask questions when after
someone finish their turn.  Interrupting
someone discussion is unethical. And gossiping about others and spreading bad statements
is also considers unethical.

Time Management:

Workers should follow their work time and
understand duties and responsibilities. Take advantage of lunch hour , break
time is also unethical although this is not part any laws.

Employees Safety:

Each person in company should equally
responsible to report any suspicious people in office or misconduct anything .
All employee and visitors should stay safe as part of policy and reporting any
violations is high standard of ethics where everyone should follow.

For example, fire exits that are
not properly maintained should be reported immediately for repair. Employees
that do not follow the regulations in regard to proper disposal of cigarettes
in the break area could be causing a fire hazard and that should be notify to
management. (Ethics)

Here the question arise that, if
any of employee or visitor who are aware of the fire hazard didn’t inform to
management should be punished since they broke the policy ?

Let’s have some discussion on

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