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The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the largest and deadliest battles in World War II. It was a turning point in the war. Stalingrad was located in Southwest Russia on the Volga River. The area was an industrial and communication center for the Soviet Union. In June, Hitler and its allies planned the attack to end the […]

In Wildlife Act of 1972 as Endangered.

In India there are large varieties of rare species of flora and fauna which have now become endangered. Endangered species are defined as a population of an organism that is on the verge of becoming extinct because of several reasons. The research project involves the critical analysis of Wild Life Protection Act, 1972 to solve the problem of […]

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Secondly, the violence and brutality by ISIS towards the communities under there rule sapped their support base. One reason for their rapid expansion was that Sunni tribals and other power brokers in Iraq and Syria saw significant advantages in accepting their authority. Its rule brought relatively secure, and rude form of justice, and defence against perceived Shia regime oppression. And […]

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The main Cold War event that occurred in the year of 1962 was the Cuban Missile Crisis. The incident was recognised at the time as being a demonstration of the potential catastrophic consequences of escalating tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union. Naturally, in the aftermath of near nuclear warfare, both of the two superpowers attempted […]

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Charles Beard was an elitist who believed that the constitution was not a compromise.  He believed that the constitution was written to keep the wealthy elites safe. He supports this argument by saying that the fathers were an elite consisting of landholders, creditors, merchants, lawyers, and public bondholders.  The movement for the constitution was not started as a […]

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    Many of William Shakespeare’s writing is influenced by the middle ages. Much of his works show many different characteristics of this time period.  Throughout the play Shakespeare shows how religion, Queen Elizabeth’s Reign and some evil doings influenced his purpose of writing his plays.  The play, The Tragedy of Macbeth, shows how being avaricious and wanting to […]

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After multiple failures of United States President John F. Kennedy’s attempt to overthrow Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro, an initiation of war established a new relationship between the opponent countries. In 1962, as suspicion towards the Soviet Union arises, a thirteen day confrontation involving the direct encounter of nuclear conflict with the two dominant powers, United States and Soviet […]

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Chinese Government is attempting to use the whole vital supporting part to empowering the environment for the open financial framework and strategic framework in the local vision of CPEC. The CPEC not just for the China and Pakistan yet will likewise profit the encompassing nations. Pakistan will expand its monetary development through this task, and it is the […]

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The battle of Vimy Ridge was an confrontation battle of forces fought as a path of Battles in Northern France that took place in the First World War. The primary fighters of the war consist of the four divisions that belonged to the Corps of the Canadian army. They were the first army against the three groups of […]

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An Australian study conducted by North Sydney Environmental Protection Authority (2015:1) highlight the issue of illegal dumping as an increasing concern in North Sydney since 2004. The report states that household waste is the most common refusel disposed on  illegal dumping sites. Of particular interest was that illegal dumping cannot be confined to any particular demographic. It concluded […]

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