Urban Economics

Consider a region with a workforce of 12 million. The urban utility curve reaches its maximum with 3 million workers and includes the following combinations: Workers (millions)1234689101112 Utility (pounds)32567065554540353025 Initially, there is a single city with 12 million workers. Suppose the government establishes a new city with 1 million workers, leaving 11 million workers in the old city. […]

What Reasons Might a “Peace-Loving” Man Have for Carrying a Gun?

Jeffrey Manrique Eng 101-A07 Prof. Daryl Osemwota November 13, 2010 What reasons might a “peace-loving” man have for carrying a gun? I believe men should all carry guns. The reasons are very simple my dad always told me “Son, there comes a time in every man’s life when he stops busting knuckles and starts busting caps and usually […]

We the People

Unit 1 Speech 2: What are the fundamental characteristics of a constitutional government? ·In what ways does constitutional government mean limited government? ·Describe at least three provisions of the Constitution that provide a means of preventing the abuse or misuse of government power. Explain how these provisions work in our system of government today. The fundamental characteristics of […]

Nicolaus traded copper and a known merchant. Copernicus

Nicolaus Copernicus was an astronomer, mathematician, scientist, religious figure, scholar who was born on February 19, 1473. Nicolaus Copernicus is from German heritage but he was born in Poland where he became a citizen of Poland. In Polish his name is Mikolaj Kopernik like his father. Both of his parents were part of the wealthy upper class. His […]

Critique of Indian Federalism

Bengal v. Union of India and “Third Sense of Federalism” by Prof. P. K. Tripathi First, I would like to argue that there is not one proposition which justifies each other butthere are two contrary propositions, though they started out in the same direction but theyfinal result or conclusion are completely different. In the first proposition given in […]

Swot Analysis of Bsnl

SWOT Analysis Strengths •BSNL is the India’s leading telecommunications and broadband Internet provider. •Provides global telecommunication services 90 million customers in India; •Provides 27. 45 million fixed- wired line telephones with network connections, and local telephone exchanges; •Operates more than 72 million wireless subscriber; •Owns largest cellular provider in whole India; BSNL communication has moved into new areas […]

Nigeria in the order of extreme cases and

 Nigeria supports the discussion on both of thecrucial issues on the agenda “Moratoriumon death penalties” and “Human rightinfringement in digital age. Hoping of fruitful results in means of resolution inboth the cases.Area A: Moratorium on death penaltiesNigeria, an African country,stands firm not legalizing the capital punishment in the country and ensures peaceat the same time as equality and […]

Philosophy and Its Branches

Philosophy: Oxford dictionary defines philosophy as: The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. It is distinguished from other ways of addressing such problems by its critical, generally […]

“Nazi an American spy network operating during the

“Nazi spy caught posing as Jewish refugee”(JAT). This event followed the U.S entering the war. This stop all jews coming to the U.S. This is a  big problem for the jews trying to leave but the Nazi spy did not care. The conflict is that there are many spies trying to get to the U.S so the compromise […]

Contract Between Fair Work Australia Legislation and Workchoice, 2010

Prepared for: Dr. Shalene Werth Submitted:12 November 2010 Prepared by Li Chenyi Differentiation between Fair Work Australia and WorkChoice Fair Work Australia Fair Work Australia (FWA) is the new government industrial relations institution established by the Rudd Government’s Fair Work Act 2009. It replaced WorkChoice act on 1 July 2009. This essay will compare and contrast FWA and WorkChoice from the theory of […]


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