Gilded Age Scandal: Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland is the man responsible for establishing a trend of New York Governors: to be involved in a sex scandal. For that, David Paterson and Eliot Spitzer salute him. Cleveland was right in the middle of his 1885 presidential campaign when his opponent, James Blaine, dug up some serious dirt on the dubbed “Grover the Good. ” […]

Just War Theory and the Movie "Glory"

Glory is a movie that reenacts the formation of the first Negro infantry, the 54th Massachusetts, during the Civil War. Led by Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, the volunteer Massachusetts infantry endured grueling training and strict discipline. Under his watchful eye, they slowly transformed from being wild and unruly to proud, courageous, and patriotic soldiers. Although the North believed […]

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Which of the fallowing countries did not attend the congress of Vienna? a) Britainb) Russiac) Prussiad) Switzerland Ans. d) Switzerland Q2. Who said “when France sneezes the rest of Europe catches cold”? a) Garibaldib) Mazzinic) Metternich d) Bismarck Ans. C) Metternich Q3. Which treaty recognized Greece as an independent nation? a) Treaty of Versaillesb) Treaty of Vienna c) […]

Why Did the Treaty of Maastricht Mark a Milestone in Creating a Political Union?

Why did the Treaty of Maastricht mark a milestone in creating a political union? The Treaty of Maastricht, formerly known as the Treaty of the European Union came at a pivotal time in European history. Eastern Europe was a victim of the collapse of Communism, which had a strong impact on the European Commission (EC) as this meant […]

Should India Go Ahead with Nuclear Tests?

The ongoing delay for the ratification of civilian nuclear co-operation with the US, presents a murky picture of India. The ideological difference between the Left and the UPA government is becoming more and more strained, keeping in view, of their alliance. A year before India and the US reached a bilateral agreement (though efforts had been on for […]

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