Passion vs. Logic: Immigration Reform

One of the most polarizing issues in our country today is the debate on immigration reform. The passion is stirred in us and makes us push away our logical thoughts and this is what made me ask the question: What effect is immigration reform having on our core values as human beings that we cannot come up with […]

The to 81.9% among immigrants from the countries

The European union immigration have the biggest number of the foreign-bornpopulation in UK, especially after the EU enlargement of 2004, and EU nationalshave entered – to varying degrees – all sectors of the UK economy. In the past20 years, the share of EU nationals in the working age population has grownfrom 1.8% to 6. 3%. EU immigrants are […]

Study: Acculturation

In present age of globalization, staffs are often sended abroad and a growing number of people choose to live and work oversea. However, living in a strange cultural environment brings not only some novelty, but also some pressure. This is because different culture means a certain distinction of lifestyle and thinking pattern, which may bring difficulty and pressure […]

Law Coursework Study Cases

Advise Karen and Henry. A)Karen There are three acts concerning Karen which could affect her rights under EU law: firstly, she was denied access to a tender process for exhibition space; secondly, she was subject to a deportation order; and thirdly the Court action she brought in relation to these first two acts was held in Italian. Article […]

Immigration: Is It an Important Asset for the U.S.A.?

PDA According to the Migration Policy Institute (MP’), in what ways has immigration become the most significant social, political, economic process, in recent United States history? Kevin Jernegan states that immigration has shaped the United States over the past century more than any other social, political, or economic process. He believes that America’s profound demographic and cultural transformation […]

This Historical Context of Black Insurgency 1876-1954

Despite the fact that the classical and resource mobilization models suggest severe structural strain in the immediate pre-movement period, which is the cause of insurgency the political process, model suggests a broadened timeframe to include the entire span of time in which the factors facilitating the insurgency are developing. In the case of black insurgency it is the […]

Westward expansion had on United State economic growth

The expansion of westward in nineteenth century was an important determinant of geographic distribution and economic activities in the United State today. The expansion of westward in the United State, so the size in geographical raises from the triple size to more than a million square miles, also the population shifted from seven percent to sixty percent where […]


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