Student’s they could be risking their lives and

Student’s Name Institution of Affiliation Date Introduction The society has highly been affected by the issue of drivers texting while driving. I the recent years, texting have become one of the major convenient ways to communicate among people. While one sends a message to conveniently communicate with another arty while behind the wheel, they could be risking their […]

Allan Pinkerton

Biography of Allan Pinkerton Allan Pinkerton is best known for the founding of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. He is viewed as an innovative pioneer and leader in the criminal investigation field and is credited for his valuable contributions to law enforcement and private security practices. (Hunt, 2009) Pinkerton was not always a detective; he started his life in […]

Homicide Investigations Identifying Best Particles

There is a decline for clearance rate of homicides reported police departments. According to homicide investigations identifying best particles by Timothy G. KEEL, M. S. Now law enforcement is questioning about such issue. Also the law enforcement is questioning about such issue. The law enforcement is questioning the skill and ability of homicide detectives and homicide units. The […]

The all participants should provide information to the

The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), UniformCrime Reporting (UCR) program and the National Incident-Based Reporting System(NIBRS) are the three main sources used to provide annual reports on variousstatistics such as: crimes, offenders, victims and more. The crime datareporting systems are used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and theBureau of Justice Statistics (BJS).NCVS provides information pertaining to […]

ballistics and forensic science

Crime Library ?» Forensics and Investigation Ballistics In forensic science ballistics, the study of motion, examines the dynamics, angular movement, and effects of projectile units such as bullets, missiles, and bombs. There are many applications of ballistics within a criminal investigation. Bullets that have been fired at the scene of any crime will be examined in the hopes […]

Why do I want a career in Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement career is one of the few career fields that offer exciting opportunities for those aspiring to join (Wirths, 2001). This is actually of one of the fields that analysts believe will be flooded in the next five years as the demand for jobs in this field seems to have doubled over the past five years. […]


Education they say is the best legacy, and there can never be a limit to the level of education attainable by anyone. In other words, there is always room for improvement. Like every other learning degree, a master’s degree is awarded to people who have reached a commendable stage in the pursuit of academic viability, however, this set […]

Modern State

What does the modern state do? What are the salient features of the modern state? a. intrusive and regulative i. restricts individual freedom ii. control all citizens lives everywhere iii. the state is an omnipresent busy body b. extractive c. coercive i. monopoly over mens of violence ii. coerce us into willing/ unwilling means ALL THE STATES HAVE […]

Attention: Paul Smith, Commander In Chief

Dear Commander In Chief:In response to your recent advertisement for an experienced Police Commander, I have enclosed a copy of my resume for your review. As you will note, I have spent more than twenty years in the Law Enforcement industry in different positions of increasing responsibility. I have a track record in planning and managing investigations, security, […]

Practical Facts on Death Penalty

The imposition of death penalty has been practiced throughout the different epochs of our history.   It had been utilized by governments to rid the society of its citizens who are considered to be a danger to the lives of the public, or a risk to the very existence of the regime itself.  Questions, however, have always risen […]


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