Should India Go Ahead with Nuclear Tests?

The ongoing delay for the ratification of civilian nuclear co-operation with the US, presents a murky picture of India. The ideological difference between the Left and the UPA government is becoming more and more strained, keeping in view, of their alliance. A year before India and the US reached a bilateral agreement (though efforts had been on for […]

Carefully Explain What It Is That Price, Income and Cross Elasticities of Demand Are Meant to Measure. Use Appropriate Diagrams and Numerical Examples

Elasticity is a measure of responsiveness. It shows us how much something changes when there is another change in one of the other variables that determines it. There are three elasticities of demand that we consider, price elasticity of demand (PED), income elasticity of demand (YED) and cross elasticity of demand (XED). An important aspect of a product’s […]

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