What Love is for Shakespeare

Like every other poet, mainly characterized by idealism and creativity, William Shakespeare views love as an eternal and ideal state of being. People often look at its grim features. But Shakespeare chose to distinguish love from pain, as what it naturally is. This essay will try to discuss love as seen by Shakespeare and written in his 66th […]

Proliferation of nuclear weapons of mass destruction

“Conventional military power plays only a secondary role in countering the proliferation of nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Other instruments of national powers matter far more in devising a successful strategy. Do you agree?Thesis StatementWhile conventional military power may have been used or can be used in the war against the proliferation of nuclear weapon of mass destruction […]

Wilde’s individualistic philosophy

Present essay deals with the analysis of Wilde’s individualistic philosophy and politics through the prism of his distinction between property and creations (art) in his famous work “The Soul of Man Under Socialism”. Based on the study of ‘The Soul of Man Under Socialism’ other objects of his critique, including lack of creativity, the State, philanthropy would be […]

Origin, Ideology, Aims & Objectives

Nations around the world follows different ideologies to generate a direction for themselves.   An ideology is a way of thinking, a set of beliefs, aims and ideas. It sets the vision for the group attached to it. Its purpose is to bring a specific change or carry out a certain task among its followers in accordance with […]

Feminism in 2008

In the past centuries, the struggle for woman’s rights at the most and the involvement of women in the social activities at the least have been compelling. This is because during those times there were little to no realization of the capabilities of women in the society inasmuch as the societies back then gave more emphasis on the […]

The World Trade Organization

With the increasing activities in global trade, the need for an international body that would oversee the implementation of liberal trading policies would become a necessity especially with the concerns stepping beyond the issues of tariffs.  The World Trade Organization (WTO) which is a by product of a series of international trade negotiations as based on the General […]

What Is Hindutva, and What Role Has It Played in Indian Identity Politics

What is Hindutva, and what role has it played in Indian identity politics? Through the duration of my study, it has become clear to me that Hindutva has many different meanings to many different people. Although there are many differing interpretations of Hindutva, at its core it is simply an ideology. Hindutva literally means Hinduness, which is, as […]

Non- rational X, Y and Z models and their role in human relations

The X, Y and Z model  describes conflict in terms of three parameters behavior (X), consequence of the behavior (Y) and a response (Z). This model aims at improving cooperation  so as enable the effective management of conflicts (Deutsch, Coleman, & Marcus, 2006). Conflict has been defined variously by different authorities who inadvertently have contextualized it in their […]

Paradise Lost. The epic features of the writing get in the way

Milton wrote his epic poem “Paradise Lost” taking deliberately inspiration from the epic poems of Virgyl and Homer. As such, it has distingushable features of the epic genre, such as epic similes, an encyclopaedic scope and the characteristic use of blank verse as opposed to rhyming. These may lead critics to consider Milton’s work as having too many […]

The Preacher Ruminates the Sermon

In this incredibly profound poem, the narrator presents the readers with an abstract representation of the distant relationship between man and God. Using a strong tone and grandiloquent rhetoric, the narrator clues us, readers, in on the juxtoposition of the obligations of God and the narrators job of being a Preacher.The narrator begins the poem with short syntax […]


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