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Learning English has turned into the dire need of the students in various nations of the world particularly where the medium of guidelines in education setting is English. Even if we want a good reputation in instructive society and need to land great position we should have command on English. The understudies of university level can not understand and unfit to communicate in English as they ought to as indicated by their educational standard. Keeping in see the key significance of English dialect in Pakistan, understudies begin learning English at school level and keep learning till tertiary level. But, besides learning English for quite a long time, they face various troubles in term making communication in English dialect. There are numerous purposes behind their ineligibility. Best of the all are absence of instructive climate, their interest, socio economical background, gender difference, shyness, and lack of confidence etc.
Awan, Azher, Anwar, & Naz (2010) in his research claimed that it has always been an issue for Pakistani understudies to learn English well in an environment where they are in contact with the dialect only in teacher centered-classroom which implies that the teachers dominate in classroom and understudies get few opportunities to practice language. On the other hand, the past research studies have additionally verified that such situation makes it troublesome for the understudies to take keen interest in the language learning process. When many students requested to perform in foreign language, they end up restless and find it difficult to speak fluently in light of the fact that FL anxiety makes students become discouraged and then they lose trust in their capability to learn the foreign language. Subsequently they abstain from taking an interest in classroom dialect exercises and it prompts to surrendering learning foreign language.
Juhana (2012) in his research find out that Fear of mistake becomes one of the primary components of understudies’ which hesitant them to speak in English in the classroom. The essential reason of fear of mistake is that understudies are afraid of looking stupid in front of other individuals and they are worried about how other will see them. In addition the understudies also feel afraid of committing errors as they are worried that their companions will giggle at them if they commit error in communicating in English. This result reveal that the Understudies’ dread of committing errors in communicating in English has been a typical issue particularly in an EFL context like in Pakistan, most EFL understudies are hesitant to attempt and to speak in a foreign dialect which they learn.

Hamouda (2012) in his research asserted that the factor that contributes to the reluctance of understudies to take an interest in the class discourse was the lack of confidence in utilizing English as a vehicle for spoken correspondence. The greater part of understudies communicated their agreement with the statement: “I never feel quite sure of myself when I am communicating in English in my class.” This means that lacking certainty influences them to trust their language skills to be weaker than those of others in class. Whereas many understudies believed strongly that there was an incredible difference in English ability amongst them and their companions.
In addition, the present investigation also demonstrated that understudies feel more restless in the FL classroom when they felt other understudies were better than themselves. On the other hand, Lack of vocabulary is also distinguished as a major source of understudy hesitance in oral English dialect classrooms. This outcome uncovers that student’s poor vocabulary is one of the reason due to which understudies are quiet listeners rather than active participants in the oral English classroom. Moreover they also do not have correct words to express their thoughts.

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