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Last updated: May 31, 2019

Leo came to school the first day of the new school year and the only thing he heard was “did you see her”.  There was a new girl at school and her name was Stargirl Caraway.

 Stargirl had previously been homeschooled and was starting Grade 10 at Mica Area High School.  She was very happy and always willing to do things for others.  Hilary Cimble, a student also in Grade 10, thought Stargirl was acting to try and raise spirit around the school.  Stargirl likes to make people feel happy.  She often sings Happy Birthday with her ukelele to anyone in the cafeteria, even if she doesn’t know them.  The students have mixed feelings about Stargirl, some like her some are not sure what to make of her. As the school year progresses,  Stargirl made a football game interesting when she climbed up the field goal with the ukulele and danced at halftime.  The students loved it and it made her popular.

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She became a part of the cheerleading squad and the school couldn’t wait for basketball to start.  Stargirl loves everyone.   During basketball season their team was winning all their games.  At one game against Red Rock, Stargirl left the game early because she felt badly for the other team as they were losing by a lot.

 Her cheerleading squad, got mad at her and left her in Red Rock and she had to find a ride home.  Stargirl was becoming less popular with the other students.  Leo and his friend Kevin, ran a show called Hot Seat, where they have a jury ask someone questions.

 They kept trying to get Stargirl on the show and finally did after the basketball game.  The jury was asking her some tough questions and it in the end turned everyone against her.  During this time, Leo was beginning to like Stargirl and she also liked him.  On Valentine’s day,  Stargirl left a note in Leo’s locker saying “I love you Leo”.  In the cafeteria, Stargirl came up to Leo and she said “hi leo”.   Stargirl and Leo started dating and in the next 6 six days, students started calling Leo, Starboy.  Leo and Stargirl were getting along.  Stargirl asked Leo to come to dinner at her house.

 After dinner, she said see that boy across the street, his name is Peter Sinkowitz.  “I am making a life story of him”. Leo said are you running for saint, she didn’t like that but 30 min later they kissed on the sidewalk.    Soon after, Stargirl made a sign saying “Stargirl Loves Leo” after lunch someone ripped it up.  Leo had mixed feelings about it, he loved it but also wanted to rip it up himself.

 Leo got the silent treatment from the rest of the school and he avoided Stargirl.


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