Leonardo in making sure that the arrangement

             Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper

            Da Vinci’s painting The Last Supper is a very important piece of artwork with a significant amount of hidden messages and talents that have been painted on a wall.  In creating a very detailed and very naturalistic piece of artwork Leonard was under the study of Verrocchio who was a painter and also a sculptor. He was able to incorporate characters with such an amazing individuality that would be remembered by thousands of people for hundreds of years. What attracts people to see this painting is it’s religious aspect, the realism that is transmitted in the figures, and also the symbolism it holds. 

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            The Last Supper is very well known because of the religious aspect that it has. Leonardo allows it’s observers to portray a specific scene in which the Bible adds importance and great significance. He also lets his observers to recognize this scene by the gestures of the Lord and the Apostles. The Lord sits in the middle quietly while the Apostles are stunned by which what the Lord had just stated. Leonardo decided to choose such a critical moment because it shows the emotions of all the Apostles. The emotions that are expressed in this painting are another reason why it’s so renowned and also desired. Leonardo took what seemed to be a lifetime in just expressing such emotion in the painting and capturing every detail for each the Lord and the Apostles. A prime example would be that the Lord is so relaxed with his arms on the table in such a natural set which deepens the portrayal of his greatness. When looking at the Apostles you can see that Leonardo made them all looking in different directions, and being all over the place. The religious aspect is visible in all areas of the painting.

            The amount of detail that was reflected upon making this painting is beyond incredible, and was the reason for the popularity of the artwork as well. He took this very seriously and was cautions in making sure that the arrangement of the Apostles were possessed. In order to portray the actions he wanted to make sure they didn’t look like brothers, and for every Apostle he assured their historical information on their names and also on their aspect but most importantly wanted to be known about their qualities as we know them from the Gospels. Making sure that Lord Jesus didn’t look like one of the Apostles he was also given qualities so he could be told apart from everybody else. The Lord is calm while the others are in confusion and agitated doubt, and also uses the description of the table as a symbol in which the state that they are currently in. By using the perspective of light Leonardo believed that it was utterly important and wanted to make The Last Supper as realistic as can be.

            Another reason why this artwork is so popular is for symbolism in which the figures portray. By separating the Apostles into three individuals group was done on purpose. Notice that Judas was put outside of the circle of among all the guiltless Apostles, and only had his profile shadowed. He is the only other person who is sitting in solitude and in shadows and can be viewed as to see that he was guilty and that he knew who was the Apostle that was going to betray Jesus. The grand significance of Judas is symbolic because in pictures back then no one could of ever is able to present it this way.

            In Leonardo’s The Last Supper we see the religious aspect, the powerful and spirited detail, and profound symbolism that can add so much affect to this piece of artwork. Many others many see different things, and have other attractants to this piece, but these seem to be the most important in art history,         

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