Leonardo popular paintings he has made. One popular

Leonardo Da’Vinci’s life

the centuries, many individuals have made a major impact over the centuries,
but few come accomplish this task as Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, also known
as Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci was gifted in many different fields, including
mathematics, engineering, music, and writing. However, he is most known for his
highly appraised art work, highly innovated inventions, and magnificent discoveries
in science. The methods used in these categories help propelled humanity and
changed the world into what the world is today.

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first field that Leonardo da Vinci was able to master was art. When he first
began to master this art, he worked on several pieces with Verrocchio.
Verrocchio was a world known painter during Leonardo’s childhood. Leonardo’s
mother worked for Verrocchio, allowing the famous painter to meet Leonardo. Verrocchio
began to notice the potential that Leonardo da Vinci contained. Once this was
realized, Verrocchio took Leonardo under his wing and taught Leonardo many
skills that he used in the most popular paintings he has made. One popular
painting that Leonardo worked on while under Verrocchio’s wing is the Baptism of Christ.  Leonardo and his teacher painted a picture of
John the Baptist baptizing Jesus Christ. It is thought that the angels in the left-hand
corner and the backgrounds are painted by Leonardo, while the main pieces are
painted by Verrocchio. Paintings like these gave him the skills needed to go
out and make a workshop of his own.

working on pieces in Verrocchio’s art studio, Leonardo learned many important
tricks and skills that allowed him to go out and do art pieces by himself in his
own . Leonardo’s first important commission was St. Jerome in the Wilderness.
This painting allowed Leonardo to coupe with hardships that he has gone through
throughout his life. Many scholars have backed this up by viewing a diary
article that he wrote in what is believed as the same time that he was working
on this piece. “I thought I was learning to live; I was only learning to die



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