Leticia teasing, taunting, threating, hitting, spitting, and

Leticia Jimenez
Professor Michael Gonzales
Writing 110
April 30, 2018
Bullying in Schools is bad.

Bullying in Schools is bad it’s a viral disease among the school students. Bullies are common endangered species who make fun of others. Student’s that have money have the power to try to harm other students and cease their dignity and innocence for the entire school life.
Every day there is of bullying in school. We often come across news, showcasing the effect of bullying in schools and the side effects on the harm students. There are different types of bullying experienced in schools among the students like teasing, taunting, threating, hitting, spitting, and embarrassing others in public place. All these actions may be assault one’s dignity. The effect of bullying on children is so contrary, that it may damage their academic performance. It may force students even to commit suicide. It harms the students not only mentally but physi-cally, emotionally, and socially. The cause of bullying varies from case to case. The assault may be due to personal reasons or out of jealousy, or it may depend upon the family background. It harms the students not only mentally but physically, emotionally, and socially or it may depend on the bullies’ background of families. Families are considered to be useless as they do not care in knowing about their child activities in school. With ignorance comes fear and the fear leads to arrogance. Education is the key to acceptance. The confined efforts of school students can avoid bullying cases. It said with time, everything settles down, but in such cases, we can’t wait for time otherwise something may happen.
Bullying can happen everywhere and to anyone, adults, children, and even teenagers. Bullying comes in different forms of abuse such as physical abuse, which is when violence on the victim like kicking. It involves causing bodily harm to the sufferer.

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Ways to prevent bullying in school. Some people feel that bullying is a regular part of growing days but, it’s not normal, preferably something very hostile. It can ruin a student’s life, and it can hide as much as authority can, and the parents can. Provoking is a type of bully-ing but not identical to harassment. Teasing is done to cause another student with constant dis-traction. The faculty must change their attitude to prevent bullying. They must be non-judgmental, non-partial to students and must justify all the matter indeed not taking the side of any student but by being reasonable and practical over a particular case. Although a school au-thority performs the duties openly still the news of bullying is often heard. It’s because students are quiet and don’t bully in school because of fear of authorities, but their thinking remains the same. Maybe they don’t harm their classmates but what about their life, their attitude outside the school? To change them completely, i.e., not only practically or awfully but emotionally also, the help of child’s parents is necessary. They must guide their children about their attitude. They must explain to the children what’s right and what’s wrong.
Conclusion Bullying is wrong. It’s never late ok. It’s never cool. It never makes you look cool. It doesn’t make you look good by doing it. You always have a choice. Be the person that is smart enough and confident enough to be friends with everyone you meet.

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