Let’s The study material could be in

Let’s suppose
there is a big storm outside right now and you are tempted to study. The only
thing stopping you from going to your class is the BIG STORM and you are a type
of person who goes with the quote “The Future Of The World Is In My Classroom
TODAY- Ivan Welton Fitzwater” and you do not want to miss any
opportunities or miss any classes, what do you do then?

learning is one of the best upcoming trends in the education sectors all over
the world. This is a type of learning where it is done through the internet
with the help of modern technologies e.g. Laptops, Phones and Computers etc.
This mode of learning has been made a lot easier, in e-learning there are no
classrooms. The students study from a place they are most comfortable with,
from a place that is most convenient for them. So that they don’t have to come
out in the big storm and head for classes. In this case they acquire learning
material online. The study material could be in text or notes, audio, images
and videos. Online programs are of equal value to on-campus programs in term of
overall work load and entry criteria. The only difference is the way it is
delivered. As an online learning student, you will:

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Earn an internationally recognized degree

Be taught by academics working at the leading edge of your field

Be part of a rich and diverse online community

And if you are wondering how
will the students interact with other online students? online courses have a
solution for that. This program can interact online students with other
students in a number of ways. They use a variety of platforms to deliver content
and allow you to interact with other students. Platforms include:



Virtual Worlds (Second Life)

Video Streaming Service (Vimeo or YouTube)

Nevertheless, everything has
advantages and disadvantages, people often think online students are not smart
enough for a traditional university. They say online students are lazy, and
they don’t get “real” degrees. These claims discourage a high majority of
people from taking online courses, so they get stuck in the traditional
educational system that consumes a huge deal of money, nerves and years of
their lives. Here are some advantages for taking online courses:

Comfort – Don’t think about going through that heavy storm
just for attending a class for hours, sitting in an uncomfortable chair and
suffering from back pain at the end of that long day. You will not be bound to
physical class session when you opt for online course. All lectures and
material are provided via online platforms, so easily access them from the
comfort of your home. You do not have to spend money on transport or anything. One
of the biggest advantage for all of us is Lower Cost -The
fact that the online courses are a lot cheaper compared to traditional campus
(in person) is enough resilient to convince you to consider them. Somewhat important
is Self -Paced Learning – When you start browsing through
the courses you will come across a lot of your interest ones, you will notice
the Self-Paced label on most of them. Self-Paced learning means that the student
can complete the targets at any time and students can arrange a learning schedule
that meets the students individual and personal needs. you can do whatever you
like you can Learn what you like – You
can pick the course of your dream, that can be possible in traditional education
too, but that would involve you traveling away from your home, living in a
complete unknown city and learning in a complete unknow environment that you
were never aware of. With online courses you can take your dream course while
in your home and you can take any program present in traditional four-year

Many people have embraced online education most
probably because there are many benefits of online education associated with
it. While everybody is busy buzzing about the trend, nobody seems to be giving
a thought about the disadvantage of online courses. As per my perspective, we
are complicated creatures and everything in these creature’s adventure have
disadvantages too. Here are some disadvantages
for taking online courses:

Immense Self-Discipline
–  In a traditional education, they give some rules and guidelines that all
students are bound to follow. Following the rules and guidelines they end up   covering
loads of tasks and assignments. Therefore, when it comes to online education,
the students have a lot of freedom to do whatever they want without worrying
about a lecture showing up. This type of freedom can ruin a student’s focus. If
a student can’t manage to do all the assignments and tasks by the deadline they
will be bound to fail. The worst nightmare is if you lag in your assignments
and tasks, you could find yourself dropping out. One of the most important
disadvantage is Lack Of Direct Interaction With The Teacher -This is
vital concern because the importance of direct interaction between a student
and the professor cannot be overlooked. When you are learning from a professor in
front of you in person, that professor can monitor students body language to
ensure you are focused. They can tell when the student can’t understand a
certain topic or if something distracting you. Online education barley provides
that opportunity. Lack Of Company From Other Students – The fact that company
from other students is important. These are the people who can help to boost your
interest towards pursuing a particular subject. Such classmates can motivate
you to work hard and help you make a good name for yourself. Therefore, when
you decide to take an online course you’re studying in an isolation with no one
to brainstorm with.  

A majority of people believe
offline courses are more appropriate compared to online courses. In some ways
they are right, there are a lot of benefits on offline courses. Me myself is
doing an offline course (in person). In fact, an offline course (on campus education)
is more traditional collage experience, especially at student’s bachelor degree
level. When students live on campus they get more used to it, they get comfortable
with it and they can participate in different kind of sports or extracurricular
activities. Social Interaction is important than it sounds, interacting
with peers and professors alike provides learning and opportunities in a way that
aren’t provided in online courses. Students who do on campus education (offline
courses) have Facilities. A university campus may provide a countless
facility that online students aren’t part of. Students on campus are provided
with universities library, laboratories and often a bus pass. One of the most
important benefit of on campus programs is a face to face interaction with the
professor. It allows students to get one on one attention. Which is best for
students, as long as you interact with the professor everything will go your
way. Students on campus Build Connections For Life, professors are often
instrumental in helping students locate there career options which are best for
them. Students can learn from the very best, because of the inherent structure
of traditional academic programs, university campuses attract the best
professors. So, when a student is learning on campus as an offline course there
not just learning from the best there learning from the best face to face.

I would recommend to take an
online course rather than flying over seas but us humans are complicated
creatures our opinions changes as time passes by .I have been doing offline
course as on campus student since the start of university and there are a lot of
opportunities and benefits. The one thing that bothers me is that I had to
leave my family and my home country. Which is really rigid to get to use to it
in an unknow country to you but as time passes by students usually get used to
it and so will I,

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