LETTER improve his knowledge which has reflected


I am writing this letter to give my recommendation for Mr.
Chirag Atha for his graduate application in Computer Science in your esteemed
university. I have known him through his work in IXIA Solutions.

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In my capacity as a Project Manager of CTE team I have worked
with Chirag for 5 months. As an instructional writer, within a span of 5
months, he has managed to create many lesson designs in the field of Robotics.
His enthusiasm and dedication for work has made it possible for us to achieve project
targets. He constantly longs for improvement in his work by taking constructive
feedback from his seniors which makes him a noteworthy candidate.

In the span of 5 months, Chirag has demonstrated his ability
to work with proper diligence and enthusiasm. He exhibited professional behavior
towards organizational rules, policy and project. His efforts toward project
deliverables and timeline has been appreciated, showcased his ability to work
on multiple high priority task simultaneously to achieve the end goal.

Chirag has always shown his interest for artificial
intelligence and has taken feedback provided positively to improve his
knowledge which has reflected in his work. He has worked effectively with
different stakeholders at various level of hierarchy to mitigate many issues
successfully in the project.

Throughout his tenure, Chirag has shown optimism towards work
and completion of his work was ensured owing to his technical skills. Though he
served a short term in the company, he has made a positive and professional
impression across the team. I have no uncertainty about his capability and with
suitable guidance he can achieve great success in future. With confidence, I
recommend him as a suitable candidate to pursue his Master’s degree from your
esteemed university.     

Please feel free to contact me for any further information.



Abhishek Singh

Project Manager,

IXIA Solutions, Mumbai

Email id- [email protected]

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