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Last updated: May 9, 2019

We currently use red as the colour for emergency vehicles. Red color is being chosen as the color for the emergency vehicles strobe lights is because of the night vision capability by using this color. It cannot be denied that red color is more easily to be notice if compared to other color. Red color can catch more attention and alert when we saw red because red is signal us about danger.

Advantages and Disadvantages White: light is the most effective attention-getting signal, containing all visible spectral wavelengths. The main problem with white is the colour has no distinctive eaning.White cannot bleed out like other colors at long distances, always remaining white. Although, at some viewing angles it can blend with distant headlights. Yellow (amber): is the best color in common use. Yellow possesses the international interpretation of caution and warning. But the presence of the yellow lights with another authority colours may still confuse a small percentage of observers. lndividuals who are color-blind can see yellows clearly, a positive advantage.

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Yellow is extremely effective under all conditions, day and night, specially at dawn and dusk.Red : is the traditional emergency service warning and the stop or dangero colour. Red is instantly recognised as an urgency warning when used by emergency services and legislation covers its use. Red is also the brake and tail light colour for all vehicles. Red emergency lighting, if not rotating or flashing can sometimes be lost in a sea of red tail lights from other cars .

After yellow, red is the next best colour in daylight. Blue : is regarded as the authority colour in many countries and has been heavily used by police in the past.Blue being unlike any other colour commonly found on the roads is highly distinctive and recognisable. Blue can quickly generate an emotional response in experienced drivers due to its law and order history. The blue colored beacon of light can be washed out by strong skylight during the day, but its luminosity exceeds red at night.

Blue has better perception in fog and snow conditions where high levels of diffuse light exist. Green Green : this color relates to “GO” and contradicts the danger emphasis often required for emergency vehicle lighting.


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