Limitations time to actually develop their own products.

Limitations of Concept Testing:
There are considered to be plenty of limitations of concept testing but the most important one’s have to be the cost of it, as well as competitor awareness.
1) Expensive – It is often seen that when any company test their product concept they generally rely on focus groups and relying on focus groups is considered to be very expensive as these focus groups usually cost around thousands of dollars to the company. And another way of doing it would be the sub-ordinates that the company has so that they can work full time on the concept testing which can lead to a high amount of cost to the company.
2) Competitor Awareness – Another limitation that is involved within the concept testing is competitor awareness. As any company is always at risk of their competitors learning or getting to know more about their particular product. Competitors can also learn about a particular product with the help of how the company market their product and what business strategies the company uses. For example if the duration of concept testing is a bit long then it allows the competitors enough time to actually develop their own products. And then after getting to know about a competitor’s product they can then roll out their products very quickly.

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