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Last updated: May 2, 2019

Everyone has that moment in their childhood when they see something that sticks in their mind for the rest of their life. This moment becomes a deep part of them, that helps form the way they think and handle situations. That moment for me was the day I saw The Lion King. I know it Just seems like a silly Disney movie, but even as an adult I still find Joy and meaning in the delightful tale of love and family. Not only is the movie itself amazing, the fact that it teaches all its viewers life lessons that they can carry with them forever adds to its value and meaning to me.The Lion King as helped me learn to deal with betrayal, as well as realizing what family means to me.

I consider this movie a modern day classic that everyone should take the time to This 1994 Disney movie, based off of such Shakespeare plays as Hamlet and Macbeth, as well as a Mali tale about their founder Sundiata Keita, begins with a ceremony honoring Mufasa and Sarabi because of the birth of their cub, Prince Simba. Then we come to learn that Scar, Mufasa’s outcast brother, was not in attendance at the ceremony. We then see that Scar is bitter about not being the brother that ascended to the throne, and has animosity towards Mufasa.As Simba gets older he becomes more inquisitive about what is beyond the Pride Lands, which is his familys home and territory. Mufasa, king of the Pride Lands, tells him he must never go to the “shadowy place” because it is too dangerous for a young lion.

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Mufasa also explains to his son the circle of life and how we are all one entity relying on one another. Simba, being the curious adolescent that he is, then goes to his Uncle Scar inquiring about the “shadowy place”. Scar begins his devious plan, peaks Simba’s interest, and sends him off to the other side of the border.With the companionship of his childhood friend Nala, Simba travels to the shadowy place where he encounters menacing hyenas, only to be saved by his angry father. Meanwhile, Scar and his murderous ban of hyenas plan to kill Mufasa so they can take over the Pride Lands. Scar sends Simba into a valley of stampeding wilder beast, and waits for Mufasa to come and save him. After saving his son, Mufasa is thrown from a cliff by his own brother. Scar then convinces Simba that the blood of his father was on his paws and he runs off into the dessert, left for dead by his uncle.

Simba then spends the next few years in an oasis with a warthog and a meerkat as company, until an adult Nala comes and finds him. She tells him how the Pride Lands have become a wasteland since Scar has stepped in as king, and that he must come and take his rightful place. Simba refuses, and it is not until and old family friend, Raflki the baboon, literally knocks some since into him that he decides to go back and challenge Scar for the throne.

The movie ends with Simba overpowering Scar, and taking his rightful place as King of the Pride Lands with Nala at his side as his queen.If there is anyone out there in the world that has never seen this amazing coming of age tale, I strongly recommend watching it. This movie has stuck with me all the way through my childhood, my adolescences, and even now in my adulthood I still love everything about it. A-lot of my values were shown to me for the first time tnroug n tnls movie. wnlle teacnlng ana strengtnenlng my sense 0T Tamlly, Slmoa’s story also taught me the value of knowing what family actually is. Having the same blood line, like Mufasa and Scar, does not make someone apart of your family; it Just makes them your relative.

Family is a support system. It is a group of people sharing a soul, and loving one another unconditionally. The Lion King also taught me about unity and karma. “The Circle Of Life” is probably the most pronounced theme in this movie, and it is also one of the most important. Everything within the world is connected in some kind of way, and we all affect the other entities, animals, and people with the choices we make. These themes contain valuable life lessons that, I feel, everyone must learn one way or another. What better way to learn the value of family, friends, and unity than watching lions talk and sing?The Lion King is not Just a movie for children, it is a story that everyone should see.

Young or old, this movie can still teach you or maybe even remind you ofa value that you have forgotten. Simba and the trials of his family teach us about unity, the bond between family and friends, and how to handle betrayal and revenge. It is a story that can relate to people everywhere, no matter the age or race. The Lion King has had a very profound effect on my way of thinking and how I handle situations and I believe, if given the chance, it could have the same effect on any one who watches it.


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