Living the children. Parents play an important role

    Living in such a modern world, teenagers tend to face a variety of issues as they grow. Challenges and difficulties are present almost on a day to day basis and it is up to the parents to guide and direct the children. Parents play an important role in molding a child in order to make him or her ready for the future that is ahead. Hence, parenting styles affect several factors significant in a child’s development. And while there is no specific set of recipe present for raising children, parents should still be able to consider well-thought and effective approaches for the betterment of their children’s future. Adolescents will be able to become successful in their upcoming life of adulthood through approaches such as  providing unwavering support and appropriate guidance and regulation given by the parents.                The unwavering support of parents to their children is one of the keys to an adolescent’s success in adulthood. A parent’s support is what keeps a teenager inspired and motivated as he or she grows to become an adult on the way success. Adolescent-parent attachment can result to beneficial future effects to a child such as enhanced social skills, coping strategies and healthy adolescent adjustment. Through  exhibiting parental support and involvement, children will more likely be driven to achieve more and gradually become successful adults. This certain parental approach is greatly  associated to an adolescent’s academic engagement, high level of responsibility and strong work orientation. A  student will tend to strive academically with the involvement and presence of a supportive parent on the background rather than with a distant and uninterested one. Parental support pushes children to keep trying until failures turn to success. This produces an optimistic mindset as they grow and become triumphant adults.  It will also lead to their possession of a positive outlook which will provide numerous benefits for their whole well-being. This is the type of genuine support needed by teenagers which is not only present during accomplishments but also when failures occur for there is always a rainbow after the rain after all. Adolescents will then become successful in adulthood through their parents’ support.               Appropriate parental guidance and regulation will pave the way to an adolescent’s life of success as an adult. A teenager will develop as a wise and intelligent grown-up with the aid of a parent’s guidance and regulation. Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood. Since teenagers are still trying out things and finding themselves, the role of parents in their adolescent lives is significant. And through such style of parenting, they will be able to develop as  intelligent individuals who know what they want to do and achieve success through their own effort and hardwork. A proper instructional parenting style provides teenagers the benefit of being able to make good choices. The stage of being an adolescent has a lot of room for mistakes and failures. An effective parental approach of providing adequate control over a child results to less display of misbehaviour. A guided teenager will then consider choices and options which will make a positive impact in his or her life. Overall, adequate guidance and regulation over an adolescent  will lead them to the path of triumph in their upcoming life of adulthood.                Adolescents face a variety of life challenges in this modern world. Growing up seems to be a trial one must endure in order to be prepared and equipped for what the future of adulthood has to offer. The role played by a parent towards a child is a significant factor in an adolescent’s future. Hence, the approaches taken by a parent such as exhibiting steadfast support and providing adequate control will help lead the way to a child`s successful adult life.

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