considered one of the brightest representatives of the British poets. Although classic, he was a prominent figure in Romanticism movement along with Robert Southey (he lampooned in Don Juan), and especially Shelley, Keats Coleridge, and Wordsworth. He wanted to be a speaker in the House of Lords but it was his melancholy poems and semi- autobiographical prose that made him famous: Hours of Idleness, and especially Childe Harold, which was inspired by his travels in the Orient, spreading the model of romantic heroes, whose resounding success surprises himself in 1813.He was great in the following in various poetic genres: narrative, lyric, epic, as well as short works including among its most famous example She walks in beauty, When we two parted and So, we’ll go no more a roving, each singing a personal moment of nostalgia.

He must leave England in 1816 because of the public scandal caused by the failure of his marriage, his incestuous relationship with his half-sister and her bisexuality.In his later works, breaking with the romanticism of his youth, he gives ree rein to sarcasm, his genius rhyme and improvisation with Beppo and his masterpiece, Don Juan. Great defender of freedom, revolted against the politics and society of his time, he engaged in all struggles against oppression in England in the defense of Luddites, in Italy with the Carbonari, in Greece in its struggle for independence. Extraordinary and sulfur, a man of conviction as well as contradictions in the dark and mischievous times excessive in all, great sportsman, always in love (Italy, Greece, women, men..

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. destroyer of hypocrisy in all its forms, he remains a source of inspiration for many artists, painters, musicians, writers, and directors. Grand-son of John Byron is the father of Lady Ada Byron Lovelace King and Elizabeth Medora Leigh- Byron. Greece honored Byron as a hero of the struggle for independence. Lorde By outvade George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron, commonly called Lord Byron, was a poet, born January 22, 1788 in London and died 19 April 1824 in Missolonghi, Greece.

Byron is

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