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“Luck, you see, brings bitter friends.” The pearl, short story written by John Steinbeck, in which he presents Coyotito, the baby of Kino, a poor fisherman and his wife Juana. Everything starts off when the calamity strikes over the family when the infant Coyotito gets stung by a scorpion and the doctor refuses to heal the baby because of their race and lack of money. The irritation drives Kino and Juana desperately to the sea for pearl diving, hoping to find a pearl that might be valuable for Coyotito’s treatment. As he dives, he finds the so-called “Pearl of the World.” At the surface of the pearl he sees a brighter future, new clothes and education for his son. Kino goes to sell it but the pearl dealers try to lowball him and get it as cheap as possible. After his house had been ransacked and attacked by intruders Kino decides to sell the pearl at the capital. They go through mountains but realize that they are chased by three men. Coyotito cries and one of the men fires a shot towards the sound and kills Coyotito. In this text, I will analyze symbols that Steinbeck used to convey messages and show thoughts. Symbols such as ( including) the scorpion, pearl and canoe added a deeper meaning to the story. First of them is the scorpion who changed the course of kino and his family’s life. The scorpion symbolizes evil. Steinbeck’s choice of words and the song of evil made it clear,  “In his mind a new song had come, the Song of Evil, the music of the enemy, of any foe of the family, a savage, secret, dangerous melody, and underneath, the Song f the Family cried plaintively” that the scorpion is the actual source of evil, through Kinos feelings and thoughts even before his baby was stung (gets stung). The greedy doctor and the scorpion was the two reasons for finding the great pearl which was the beginning of a new dark chapter of Kino’s life and costed him his sons life. The scorpions poison which is considered as one of the deadly poisons got healed by just some seaweed that Juana applied to (on) Coyotito’s swollen shoulder but there is another poison which is the peals poison which cannot be healed by anything.The second symbol is the pearl, the pearl has many symbols in the story at the beginning of the story the pearl is seen as a savior and a key that would open many doors for Coyotito, “And to Kino the secret melody of the maybe pearl broke clear and beautiful, rich and warm and lovely, glowing and gloating and triumphant. In the surface of the great pearl he could see dream forms.” the author described the pearl as a symbol of beauty, financial worth, and hope. All of Kino’s dreams were depended on the pearl, it would help the poor fisherman to pay for his son’s treatment and liberate them from poverty. As the story continues the symbols of the pearl changes. The pearl becomes a symbol of destruction because it destroys kino’s life, character and becomes the cause of his son’s death. The humble fisherman’s simple life with a value of love and loyalty transformed into a a monster. The third symbol is the canoe. The canoe symbolizes the simplification of Kino’s life when he lived a peaceful life full of love without any need of riches and worth. “Kino and Juana came slowly down to the beach and to kino’s canoe, which was the one thing of value he owned in the world.”  The author reinforces a message that the canoe was a very important thing in Kinos life because it was his livelihood and the tie between him and his heritage. The destruction of Kino’s canoe meant cutting the tie between kino and his simple life. In addition Kino and Juana couldn’t travel and so they made their way through the mountains. We must protect each other as Juan Tomas protected his brother Kino, we should not be greedy, family unity is important Steinbeck highlighted that there is no beneficial of gaining the great pearl of the world if you lost someone you love readers at his short story that  kino got  the pearl of the world and lost his son coyotito becuase he didn’t protect his canoe that he inherited from his grandfather and was the one thing he owned in the worldSteinbeck paints a portrait of how greed can be a destructive force and how wealth can lead to a sorrowful and regretful life. Steinbeck want to warn readers that wealth can never make you happy even if you have the pearl of the world because happiness is an inner wealth of loving you family Kino. I think Steinbeck wanted to show us that riches isn’t about material gain its about love simplicity family and value. Greed can be a very powerful ally ibecause its a great factor for motivation. The greed is benifical when it’s parallel with your ambition for example if I wasn’t greedy of getting higher grade than my friends I wouldn’t write this analysis and if i wasn’t ambition of getting an A i wouldn’t care about this analyze.  It the same thing with our greatest inventions in science, technology. Many scientists wanted the nobel prize and the money. The beautiful cars,computer cellphones you see around you is because of companies ambition of being the best and getting money. Greed is like permanent poverty and an appetite of desires that never ends. You should be content and prioritize your family above everything because greed ruins relationships and family tie (as it did with Kino) . IF you are greedy you will not success because you will be worried about the things you don’t have and what others have. Greed changes people’s character, people become dishonest and selfish.”It is not good to want a thing too much. It sometimes drives the luck away. You must want it just enough, and you must be very tactful with Gods or the gods.””This pearl has become my soul. . . . If I give it up, I shall lose my soul.” Chapter 5, pg. 87there is alot of morals readers can get from this story that materilaistic things

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