Luisa was really hurting. Haha too adorable! “Tch.

Luisa Angelika Lim11- Ven.

Anthony Kowalczyk LIT CHAPTER 3 Ahhh what a beautiful morningit is! This is indeed one of my best and peaceful sleep I ever had. One of thebest thing to do in the morning is to do stretching. Ahh I love it! I look tomy left and saw Alex.

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Hayyy my babe is still sleeping, how can he be sohandsome while sleeping? “Good morning Mr. Sunshine” Iwhispered so that I won’t wake him up.I softly traced my littlefingers from his eyes to nose, cheeks and… “Hmm… enjoying the view babe?”He suddenly woke up and asked me. “Uhh.. Of course not, I wasjust wondering how can you be this disgustingly ugly while sleeping.” I liedand rolled my eyes. “Ouch! Babe you’re hurting myfeelings!” Then he acted like he was shot in his chest and was really hurting.

Haha too adorable! “Tch. Whatever. I should justprobably prepare our breakfast. What would you like to have for breakfast?” Iget up as I wear my robe and faced him. “Anything, the usual I guess?”He said “Same old heavy breakfast huh?”I jokingly said “Yes babe, please?” He pleadedand did a puppy eyes. “Fine! But please act your agehaha stop that annoying face, Alex” I said as I closed the door.

I can stillhear his loud laughing voice. Hmmm… what to cook? Ah! Okayokay the usual… I walked towards the fridge and grab all the ingredients.Hotdogs, eggs, ham, bacon and fruits. So what next? The rice! “Where did Alex placed the pansand caserole?” I opened all the kitchen cabinets where he might possibly placeit but the pans wasn’t there! It’s starting to irritate me. I even told him tojust place it in the second cabinet! Ugh this guy! “ALEX!” I shouted “Yes?!” He answered back “WHERE THE HELL DID YOU PUT ALLMY PANS?” I heard the door opened and his almost running footsteps “My god Rosie why do you haveto shout? I just placed it in here” he said as he went on the unused cabinetbeside the fridge. “I just decided the other dayto just put all the pans and the caserole here so that we can make use of it.”He explained while he gives me the pan.

“And you didn’t even tell me?”Why didn’t he told me? I looked like an idiot for looking the pans over andover again inside the kitchen cabinets. “Hehe I forgot?” He said as hescratched the back of his neck. I glared at him.

He hugged me and kissed me onmy cheeks “babe I’m sorry if I forgot to tell you. Let’s stop fighting over thepans please? It’s bad for the baby.” He said “Exactly! I’m 9 monthspregnant! Just waiting for my due date, Alex. And you didn’t even bothertelling me, I am so tired looking for places you can possibly hide those stupidpans!” I exclaimed. Call me overreacting but I am just really irritated becauseI get tired easily because it’s my almost due date and I am feeling very heavy.”Stop being mad now, Rosie.

Iam really sorry.” He hugged me tightly “Psh. Okay fine” I said “You know what, just sit here”he said as he motioned me to sit on the nearest chair and I looked at him with ‘Whatare you planning to do?’ look.”and you should just watch yourhandsome husband, I’ll cook for our breakfast this time… as peace offering andfor you to not get tired.” Ohh and that answers my question. Hmm what a sweetguy. He is still the same old Alex I knew.After few moments he placedeverything on the dining table.

Wow he really cooks well! A perfect husbandindeed. “Breakfast is ready! Babehere’s your usual breakfast and this also, drink this for our baby” he saidwhile he put the pancakes and bacons on my plate and kissed my tummy. “Eat well babies!” He excitedlysaid We ate silently except when Iasked him to give me some of his garlic rice and he just laughed at me. It justreally smells nice and looks very delicious to the point that it makes me cravefor rice. And I must say that his cooking skills got better.

Waah I’m so full! Eatingrice wasn’t really on my to-do list for breakfast. I’m not really fond of rice.But today is different, I ate rice.  “hmmm… what to do next?” Iasked myself since today is Saturday, no work and other plans either.

I decided to just watch on thetelevision and started to walk towards the living room when I suddenly stop.Something in me just burst! I looked down and I saw it. “BABE! ALEX! MY WATER SOMETHINGJUST BROKE!” I called Alex. I am really frightened rightnow. “What?!” He asked as he hurriedly went to me. “Oh God! It’s a little earlierthan we expected! You’re going to give birth! Let’s go now to the hospital!”Alex said as he carried me in a bridal style and we headed to the car.Ugh this pain is killing me!It’s hurting me way too much! Ugh I think I am in labor right now! “A-Alex!Faster but drive safely! The pain is too much! I think this is what they calllabor.

” I said as I grab the side of his shirt “Y-yes! I will! J-just breathein and o-out! We’ll arrive minutes from now I promise just h-hold on babe!” Hesaid and like what he have said earlier we arrived at the hospital for like 10hard minutes I don’t know how or what kind of driving skills he have done toarrive that fast. I am indeed thankful for this man he is the best ineverything.. “Nurse! Doc! My wife’s inlabor! She’s about to give birth!” The nurses and the doctors came over to helpme and put me on a wheelchair and to assist me also.

Ugh when will this painstop? “Please take care of her” Alexsaid when the doctors announced that they will send me to the operating room. “I will be there for you Ipromise. You’ll be alright just be strong and pray.” He said as a tear fellfrom his eyes. I can clearly see through his eyes that he is very worried buthe wanted to look strong so that I can be strong too like him. He kissed me onmy forehead before the doctors moved me to the operating room.

As the operation’s about tostart I’m starting to feel anxious and nervous. I had a lot of what if’s that’sgoing on with my mind. “Is Alex there?” I asked thedoctors. “Yes, we’ll call him.” Thenurse answered me back I waited for Alex to come as the operation is on-going. Iheard the door of the operating room opened. “Babe, I’m here.

You’ll bealright” he said as he caresses my hair and holds my hand tight. He is nowwearing a scrub suit that the hospital provided. He continuously give me wordsof encouragement and he talks to me to divert my attention. “Okay the baby’s about to goout, this is going to be a little hard alright? You may experience heavybreathing and a little pain but this will be fast.” The doctor said.

Alex tightly held my hand andhe looks very serious and nervous at the same time. He probably thinks thatbeing a girl sucks. Ugh. Yep, the doctor is right thisis kind of hard.  It feels like somethingbig inside me was removed. I bit my lower lip to ease the pain and thenervousness I am feeling. I should be fine the doctors are doing their best tomake this fast and successful.

After a few minutes we heard the most beautifuland loud cry of a baby “Uwaaaa!” “Congratulations! It’s a babyboy!” The doctor happily announced. “Oh gosh Alex! It’s a boy!” Isaid to Alex. I can still remember how thedoctor wants to reveal the gender every time we have an appointment with her.But we insisted to make the baby’s gender a surprise.”Yes, babe! I was actuallyexpecting that our baby will be boy but having the doctor confirmed my hunch, itsurprised the hell out of me.” Alex happily said.

I nodded at him because it’s true.I also have a hunch that our baby will be boy but it actually surprised me whenthe doctor said that it is really indeed a baby boy.”Uwaaa!!!” A tear fell as I sawmy son on the other side being prepared.

All the pain and sacrifices were worthit! Seeing our baby being healthy makes me real happy! “You did great, babe. I loveyou” he said as he kissed me and caressed my hair. This is the first time I sawAlex cry except on our wedding day. He looked so happy, so am I. I looked at William and there Isee my little angel that I carried for nine months. It was all worth it.

I amdefinitely happy to have my own family with Alex. The nurse called Alex andrequested him to cut the umbilical cord. He went to the nurse and holds thescissors.

He looks funny and nervous! He cuts the umbilical cord with shakinghands hahaha “You’re did great.” The nursesaid as Alex handed her again the scissors and went back to me.”wooh, I was really nervous…”he whispered to me and I just laughed.The nurse then covered our babywith blanket and she gave the baby to me. Oh gosh he is so cute and veryhealthy.

“Hi baby… mommy and daddy lovesyou.” I whispered. Alex kissed my forehead and asked me “Whatwill you name him?” “Alexander William” I said tohim “So you named him after me?”Alex said “Yes but we will call himWilliam not Alex, is that alright with you?” I asked him “Yes, of course. William it is.If that’s what you want. Thank you for giving me William, Rosie.

You don’t knowhow much happy I am right now. I love you so much, Rosie” he said”I love you too, Alex” Isleepily replied. “Forever and ever, babe.” Iheard Alex said before I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.



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